Sponsorships & Contingency Programs

PRP Seats offers two separate programs to support off-road racers. Overall, we are looking for unique athletes who represent themselves and their sport in a professional manner. For either program you must have an active social media presence through which to promote yourself and PRP Seats.

Product Sponsorship

The 2016 PRP Racing Team has been set and applications are closed. Please fill out and submit the Contingecy Application below if you are interested. 

PRP Seats’ Sponsorship Program rewards pre-selected drivers with complimentary PRP Seats products as well as a discount on products with the expectation of participating in a marketing partnership with the Drivers throughout the calendar year. Marketing activities include, but are not limited to, social media posts and coverage, appearances, and a mandatory photo/video shooting session. This program is largely invite only, however, if you feel you would be a good fit please email team@prpseats.com with your resume and proposal.


PRP Seats’ Contingency Program rewards approved drivers with PRP Seats “Racer Bucks” as they reach the podium in their approved race as well as a discount on PRP Seats products. Racers and teams must fill out a complete application and all races on application must be attended to remain in good standing. Once approved, the participant will receive a login to the PRP web site where they can purchase items at discounted prices through the online store at PRPSeats.com. Please download and return the form below. You can mail in or email the completed application to team@prpseats.com.