How We Build Your Custom Suspension Seats

PRP Suspension Seats

What is a Suspension Seat?

The term suspension seat comes from the inner liner suspended between the sides of the steel frame. As the occupant moves up and down, the liner gives, preventing the body from constantly hitting against a solid surface such as those found in stock UTV seats. This provides unparalleled comfort when riding, allowing for longer adventures and less soreness in the muscles and back.

It All Starts With You

At PRP Seats, you can choose from over 30 different models and MAKE IT YOURS with over 50+ fabric options to select from. Not to mention all of the upgrades available. No other manufacturer one offers more color or upgrade options than PRP.

The toughest part for most is the choice of materials. Traditionally used in boats, Marine-grade vinyl is developed to stand up to the elements. The fabric resists UV fading as well as mildew. Not a fan of vinyl? Afraid it will get hot? You can select from suede, cloth, Cordura®, or tweed options for no extra charge. This is just another way we’re revolutionizing the way suspension seats are made. We want you to truly be able to MAKE IT YOURS. You can view our fabric selection guide here.

Once the Seat is Ordered, We Build it From the Frame Up

Frames are hand-assembled in Southern California where we bend, notch, and weld the steel together to build your chosen suspension seats. Once the seat is assembled by our welding team, we then have the frame powder-coated black. The powder coating process will prevent any rust from breaking the seat down over time. We’ve had seats come back over twenty years later perfectly intact. Being an American-made company is something we take a lot of pride in by manufacturing a high-quality product.

how suspension seats are made - welding
Welding team cutting the steel in prep for welding
how suspension seats are made - welding frame
Welding team putting together the frame of a suspension seat

Your Material Choices Get Cut!

This is the fun part when the design starts to come to life. While your frame is busy being welded, our cutting team is hard at work organizing your color choices into bulk cutting files which will be cut on one of our 3 automated machines. During the cutting process we begin the work on adding your custom embroidery choices to the seat. This can be the PRP branding and model logo or you can also submit your own personally owned logo which we will digitize and add to your seat for a fee. This is just another way you can truly MAKE IT YOURS with PRP.

how suspension seats are made - cutting seats
Cutting your suspension seats
how suspension seats are made - embroidery
Adding embroidery to the suspension seat headrests

Lacing the Suspension Liner

The core of your seat is the suspension liner. Think of it as a padded trampoline to support you on the rough rides. Liners are attached to the steel frame and secured with a 700lb parachute cord. Constructed of a durable and tear-resistant vinyl-coated nylon mesh, most dirt and debris will pass right through. Each liner is hand-sewn and custom-fitted to each seat frame.

how suspension seats are made - creating suspension
Lacing team creating the “Suspension” by marrying the paracord and liner to the frame
how UTV seats are made - seat frame
A complete frame ready for foam!

Multi Density Foam

We pre-cut our foam specific for each seat to add just the right amount of padding to support you in the right places. Each seat has a built-in foam lumbar support to give you a comfortable driving position. All seats are extensively tested by various individuals with different body types to ensure the seat is comfortable for those long rides.

how UTV seats are made - dual density foam
A complete seat awaiting it’s cover

Hand-Sewn Cover

This stage is the most exciting as the seat begins to come to life! Each custom seat ordered from PRP is hand-sewn with options selected by YOU. With so many options available, special attention to detail is required so just one of our experienced sewing staff employees will build your entire order. This ensures each seat is made the same way and all the options are reviewed carefully.

how UTV seats are made - hand stitching
Sewing team putting it together

Cover Meets Frame

The final stage in the custom seat process is the mounting of the cover to the frame. All those renderings you saved on your phone are now coming to life! PRP’s assembly team works carefully to make sure each cover is fitted perfectly to the foamed frame.

how UTV seats are made - seat assembly
The assembly team finishing up a Comp Elite with a removable cushion.

The Finishing Touch

After mounting we place each seat into an intense quality test by ensuring every seat is properly cleaned, matches what was ordered, and is in perfect condition. Any large wrinkles or errors during production are sent to be immediately fixed. Most seats fly right through and are ready to be shipped, delivered, and installed in your off-road vehicle.

Fabric Selection Guide

Guide To Materials

Order Samples

how UTV seats are made - finished product
Cleaning off the seat as it gets teady for departure!

Want To Know More?

Check out this in-depth video from our friends at Terra Crew on the differences between a suspension seat and a fixed back racing seat!