Steering Wheels Built for Off-Road

flat bottom steering wheel for off-road

THE PRP SEATS COMP-R FLAT BOTTOM STEERING WHEEL IS HERE!   Whether you are looking to upgrade your UTV or just free up some legroom in a vehicle with a tight cab, the Comp-R is the perfect steering wheel for off-road vehicles that don’t offer a lot of clearance between the wheel and the seat.… Continue Reading Steering Wheels Built for Off-Road

Why Choose Cam-Lock Harnesses?

cam lock utv harnesses

Introducing the first cam-lock harness designed specifically for off-road use!  Cam-lock harnesses provide comfort and safety for your on and off-road rides. The cam-lock style buckle releases quickly and efficiently while keeping you secure. They can be much faster and easier to use than the traditional latch and link harnesses but have never been that… Continue Reading Why Choose Cam-Lock Harnesses?

Color Options For Your Next Harnesses

UTV harness color options

Are you ready to set your ride apart from the crowd? Our most popular harnesses are available in a variety of colors! No matter what your style is, we have you covered. Available in up to nine colors to fit your ride and personal style. STYLE AND SAFETY GO TOGETHER! 4.2 HARNESSES The 4.2 harness… Continue Reading Color Options For Your Next Harnesses

What Are The Best Harnesses For Jeeps?

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When you are worried about your safety, off-roading on the trail becomes a challenge. A PRP harness makes off-roading enjoyable and worry-free. Do you own a Jeep and can’t decide which harness is right for you? We have a harness to fit every type of driver. Whether you drive daily, rock climb, or race, we… Continue Reading What Are The Best Harnesses For Jeeps?