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PRP raises the standards for comfort and safety with our 4-point harnesses and 5-point harnesses for off-road and UTV.

Whether you’re looking for race harnesses with SFI certifications, accessories, or just a more comfortable harness – PRP has you covered.


I love the PRP harnesses and how well they work. They keep you tight in your place but easily release and adjust to get in and out. Plus the Shreddy series just looks so rad! Love them in my jeep rock crawler. They definitely keep us big guys in place upside down.

Weston Niner / 5.3 Harness

Competing safely doesn’t have to be boring!

Shop our selection of 5.3 Harnesses available in a variety of colors that will fit with your ride and style.

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5-Point Harnesses

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5.3 Harness (Color Options)


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5.3×2 Custom Harness


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Race - Harnesses

5.3 Harness (Color Options)


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