Off-Season UTV Maintenance Made Simple

Off-Season UTV Maintenance

Keep Your UTV in Top Shape All Year Long!

Is your Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) ready to take a break from the thrill of trails and adventures? Let’s gear up for some off-season action of a different kind – UTV maintenance!  

In this guide, we’ll jump into the exciting world of keeping your off-road companion in top shape. It’s time to channel your inner mechanic and give your UTV the TLC it deserves!

Fuel System Care

Drain or Stabilize Fuel

  • Empty the tank if the UTV won’t be used for a long time. Alternatively, add a fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel fresh and prevent engine damage. 

Run the Engine

  • After adding the stabilizer, run the engine for a few minutes to ensure the stabilizer spreads throughout the fuel system. 

Tire Preservation

Regular Pressure Check

  • Consistently check and adjust tire pressure to prevent damage and extend their life.

Storage Tips

  • If possible, store your UTV with the tires off the ground using blocks or a lift. This helps avoid flat spots on the tires.

Thorough Cleaning and Protection

Deep Clean

  • Wash off all dirt, mud, and debris. Pay special attention to undercarriage and hidden spots where grime can accumulate. 

Protective Waxing

  • Apply a quality wax to shield the paint from moisture and fading.

Interior Maintenance

  • Clean all surfaces inside. If your seats are fabric, consider a protective spray to guard against dampness and stains.

Battery Upkeep

Trickle Charger

  • A trickle charger or battery tender keeps the battery charged at a safe level, preventing it from dying.

Routine Inspections

  • Even with a charger, inspect the battery occasionally for any signs of wear or corrosion.


Rodent Control


  • Store your UTV away from areas prone to rodents. Use natural or commercial repellents to prevent them from chewing wires or building nests.

Smart Storage Solutions

Ideal Storage Locations

  • A garage or shed is best. Keep your UTV away from extreme temperatures and moisture.

UV-Resistant Covers

  • If outside storage is unavoidable, a breathable, UV-resistant cover is vital to protect against weather and sun damage. 

Seat Protection with PRP Seat Covers

Protective Covers

  • Use PRP seat covers to safeguard against wear and tear. They’re made to fit snugly and protect against dust, water, and sun.

Easy Maintenance

  • These durable covers are also easy to clean, keeping your seats looking new. 

Regular Checkups

Routine Inspections

  • Periodically check on your UTV during the off-season. Look for any signs of issues like leaks, rust, or pests. 

Don’t Neglect Your UTV!

Taking care of your UTV in the off-season is easy with the right steps. By following this guide, you’ll ensure that your vehicle stays in excellent shape, ready for the next riding season. 

Have Questions?

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