Jacob Peter WORCS Round 7 and 8

WORCS Round 7 and 8 San Bernardino, CA
October 2nd and 3rd 2021

It was an action-packed doubleheader this past weekend. It started on Saturday with me starting in 4th place. As I worked my way up to the 2nd place spot, I had some breakage and frustration when my driveshaft exploded on me, taking me out of the race. I was able to get the parts replaced with the help of another team and was ready to come back stronger than ever on Sunday.

Sunday’s race went off with a bang as I went on the inside line just after Taladega and took the lead. I was able to run out front with about a 12 sec lead for a while until I came upon a lapped car stuck in a very tight u-turn corner. I attempted to go around on the outside, but I put it on its side with the deep ruts and soft sand. Thankfully, and eventually, some people got me upright, and I went back to work. At this point, I was in 12th, but luckily we had 20 mins left. I was able to charge back up to 6th with some good battles in between. One of these days, I will put ALL the pieces together for that top spot!!

The next race will be October 15, 2021 out in Lake Havasu, AZ for the UTV World Championship.