2021 UTV World Championships

It was a stressful week before the UTV World Championship as we only had 9 days to prep the car from our last race at Glen Helen. We arrived on Thursday morning, I had a weird feeling that I had not felt before, but it was a good feeling. I had a p6 start, second row at the starting line. Because we had limited time (school, work, prep) we were unable to modify the engine, exhaust, tune, etc for this race. We did find out most of the other cars had modified motors, clutches, exhausts, etc., so I knew I had to drive smart, keep the car together and push myself if I wanted a decent finish. The start had a light-up start that made it pretty confusing. Green lights were on and I took off the line and made it around turn one P4. We started to go out to the desert, and I caught up right away. My parents and friends think I have “dust vision” because I drive a lot better than most in the dust. I started applying pressure to the cars ahead of me and making passes. By the second lap, there were a lot of people already broken or flipped. By 3rd lap, I started to lap people. The course was very rough, and I noticed my car was super loud, and when I said loud, it was so loud that my ears were ringing. I had punched a hole in my exhaust. I kept the car together for the rest of the race, and I was told that I passed a total of 18 cars on course. It felt pretty good getting to that finish line. At this point, I didn’t know what place I was in. I was directed around the track and went to the podium where my parents had told me that I had placed 3rd Overall! I was so happy! I ran my hardest and had a great time and feel like I am that much closer to the number 1 spot.

Thank you to everyone for their continued support.