Knolls White Knuckles

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Knolls White Knuckles

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Jeep TJ Mailory Dusted with PB & Jealous written on the dust of the windowAs many of you know, our team is changing it up a bit this year. Tedo (Josh) and the team have been working hard on the 6100 truck. So in the meantime, Scott Terry and I (Lynsey Nielsen, team manager) decided to start racing this year in his CanAm Turbo X3. We decided to try out the BOR series which is Bonneville Offroad Racing. Our first race didn’t go to well. We started out great and were picking off cars like crazy and then we got a flat tire and had troubles changing it and ended up taking 8th place. We didn’t do as well as we wanted but we had a blast and we finished. We also got our starting “car dance” video on a famous Instagram site and got over 40,000 views which was hilarious, and awesome! We also learned the things we needed to change with the car, and as a team being that it was Scott’s first time driving in a race and my first time Co-Driving.

So, fast forward a few months later and we were ready for the Knolls White Knuckles 160 Mile Race. We headed out Thursday night and got pits all set up. The next morning we took my 97′ TJ, which we call Mailory due to looking like an old mail Jeep, out pre-running. We got the course all mapped out and then went to tech. We did some last minute bolt checks and were ready for our race the next morning.

We got up bright and early, 5:00 a.m., and got all suited up for the race. We started 7th in line out of 17, with a minute between each car. We did our ritual car dance to start the race off, and we took off and were going strong.

Driver and Co-Driver inside of Deviant Offroad UTV

Lap One

Our plan for the race was to take it slow and steady the first lap and really get to know the course. We were doing great and were passing quite a few cars. We finished the first of four laps making great time. We were standing in fourth place physically and we weren’t sure what place as far as time went because the cars behind us hadn’t come through yet.

Lap Two

Lap two went really smooth the course was fast and fun. We got about 32 miles into that lap and our gas light came on. We were super nervous we weren’t going to make it back to the pits, but we made it on fumes. We came in to the pits and the team filled us up and shook down the car and sent us on our way. We were standing in 4th place time-wise and at this point we knew we needed to kick up the speed now that we were familiar with the course.

tuning up deviant offroad canam in the race pitsLap Three

Our third lap was our fastest lap so far and the car was holding together really well. We were communicating really great and we knew we just had to continue with exactly what we were doing. We made it through that lap and pulled into the pits for a splash of gas just so we didn’t run in to the same problem as before, and that’s when our time-keepers told us we were physically in second and time wise in 3rd. They told us 2nd place had a 4 minute lead on us, and they were running consistent laps. We took off for our fourth lap and we really laid it down! Any chance we could get to push the limits and try to make up time, we did it! This lap was by far the most fun. We were flying through the whoops like mad-men, we were taking straight-aways at 89mph. We truly pushed it this lap. We finally came in to the pits and corssed the finish line with our team standing there cheering us on and we finished in 3rd place! We made up 2:48 minutes that lap but couldn’t quite catch up to second place.

We are extremely proud of our 3rd place accomplishment, and are amazed at the difference we made in one race. There is no way we could have done any of this without our amazing team though! Tedo, james and Chance worked a countless amount of nights getting the car together, and then they took such great care of us on the course. We honestly can say we have the best race family out there! We also want to thank all of our awesome sponsors. You guys help make our race dream a reality! We can’t tell you enough how appreciative we are, and how lucky we are to have you on our team. Thank you for all of your support and we can’t wait until The Wendover Return Race!

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Lynsey Nielsen and Scott Terry
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