PRP Seat Options: Which Are Right For You?

What Are The Best UTV Seat Options For You?

Are you considering adding some options?

This is the ultimate guide highlighting all our PRP seat options that you can put onto your new set of UTV seats. We allow you to add more comfort, usability, and styling to your seats to take your vehicle customization to a whole new level. 


The pinnacle of comfort for fighting against the elements – PRP’s Heated and Cooled Seat upgrade allows you to set your seating to maximum comfort during hot or cold rides!

The powerful thermal engines in these seat upgrades can deliver a seat surface temperature of 65 – 86 °F for cooling and 91 – 109 °F for warming!

Only available on select models.

PRP Seat Options: Which Are Right For You?
UTV seat options: Front Google Pocket


The front goggle pocket is a great option to attach to the front of your seats for those immediate items you may need while riding. This upgrade is sewed onto the front of your seat either attached to the removable cushion or to the lower area of the seat.

This is perfect for stashing not only your goggles, but also your phone, water, chapstick, or any other item that you may need in a pinch.


Looking to increase storage options for your rear passengers? Adding the rear pocket option to your front seats is an easy way for storing more extras like water bottles, snacks, jackets, googles, electronics, and much more.

The rear pocket is sealed by a large hook and loop opening that will keep everything dry in the compartment. 

UTV seat options: rear storage pockets
PRP Seat Options: Which Are Right For You?


You can never have enough water, am I right? No judgement here! We know off-road enthusiasts will take their vehicle out whether it’s hot or cold outside, so it’s better that you always have some water available to you.

The Water Pak features a 70oz bladder (about five regular water bottles) along with a long drinking hose and fitting on the end for water consumption while riding.  This seat option allows for the fun to never stop and is highly recommended for almost all riders.


Heated seats are definitely the most popular upgrade option here at PRP Seats – and for good reason!

Who doesn’t want to stay warm on those cold rides? When you order your seats with us, we attach the heaters to the foam during the mounting process.

The heaters come with a six-foot wiring harness that can be implemented into any open button on the dash. The heaters operate on an “on/off” toggled setting with a max output of five amps to keep you nice and toasty on those chilly rides. 

UTV seat options: heated seats
UTV seats with air lumbar support


Hey, as the older we get let’s admit our back doesn’t feel as perfect as it used to.To help minimize any potential issues on our backs and to be more comfortable out on the trails, we’ll take any bit of support we can have!  

Our inflatable, handheld air support is available for that extra back support you need. To get the perfect lumbar support, all it takes is just a few pumps of the air pump and you’re good to go!


The New Glory option is the perfect way to show your patriotism while adding some style to your custom PRP Seats. It’s shown here in red, white, and blue stitching to reflect the American flag!

Having this upgrade is a definite way to stand out and represent!  

utv seat options: new glory logo

Have questions?

If you want to get started designing some custom seats, we usually recommend trying some color and fabric samples first to get an exact color match. If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 1.800.317.6253 or email us anytime at!


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