Everything You Need to Bring to King of the Hammers

PRP Racing Things to Bring to King of the Hammers

Most Important Gear to Pack Heading to KoH

Heading to King of the Hammers (KOH) in Johnson Valley, California? It’s a highlight for anyone passionate about off-roading, blending intense racing with challenging rock crawling. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned attendee, the right preparation can make all the difference.  

From what to pack to how to set up camp, here’s your guide to making the most of your KOH experience: 

Clothing and Personal Gear

Desert Wardrobe

Between the blazing sun, the chilling nights, and the unpredictable winds that stir up quite the dust storm, be prepared for everything. Pack airy clothes for daytime, warm layers for nighttime, and perhaps a bandana or dust mask to shield against the dust. 

Desert Shield

Sunglasses, a hat with a wide brim, and sunscreen is non-negotiable. 

Footwear Suitable for KoH

The terrain is rocky, sandy, and uneven. Make sure your feet are equipped with sturdy hiking boots. 

Setting Up Camp at King of the Hammers

Your Home Away from Home

Are you setting up in an RV, opting for a rooftop tent, or grounding yourself with a traditional tent? No matter your choice, make sure it’s geared for windy and dusty conditions typical of the desert. 

Desert Shelter

Tents should be durable and anchored well — desert winds are no joke. 

Sleep Tight During King of the Hammers

A sleeping bag for colder nights and an insulating pad are crucial. 

Don’t Forget Your Desert Kitchen

Think portable stove, fuel, utensils, and something to spark a flame. 

Chill Spots at KoH

Portable chairs and tables for that perfect race view or campfire chat. 

Eat, Drink, Rinse, Repeat

Stay Hydrated in the Desert

One gallon of water per person per day is the mantra. 

Pack Up and Snack Up

Load up on energy bars, dried fruits, and some trusty canned goods. 

Bring the Desert Fridge

A cooler is essential, especially when you’re craving a chilled beverage. 


Want to know the BEST snacks to bring?

Make sure to read until the end to check out our BONUS SNACK LIST!


Safety First, Always

Absolutely Don’t Forget First Aid

Stock up on the basics and don’t forget your personal meds. 

Stay Connected

A charged cell phone and maybe even a satellite phone if you’re venturing into isolated areas. 

Navigation is Key

GPS, compass, and maps. The desert can be tricky. 

Light the Way

Flashlights or headlamps are essential, and so are extra batteries. 

Keep Your Ride Supplied

King of the Hammers Tire Needs

Spare tires and repair kits. The rugged terrain waits for no one. 

Fuel Up More Than You Think You Need

An extra fuel jug might just save the day. 

Tool Time

Equip yourself with basic tools — the desert is no place for vehicle troubles. 

Always Bring Rescue and Recovery Gear

Recovery gear like tow ropes and winches are always a good idea. 

Things to Bring if You’re Spectating

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Binoculars are a great idea and will enhance your viewing pleasure while you’re watching the races.

Capture the Moment

Your GoPro or 360 camera will come in handy when you want to take pictures of the races or the scenery.

Protect Those Ears

Trust us, you’ll need ear protection, especially if you have little ones with you. Some of these rigs are LOUD. 

Respect the Desert Environment

Keep the Desert Clean

Always leave no trace. Carry trash bags and ensure you pack out what you bring in. 

When Nature Calls

Know where the facilities are or come prepared with a portable option. 

Staying Eco-Friendly at KoH

Let’s minimize our impact. Recycle when possible using designated bins or keeping your own recycling separated to take home.

*Bonus Best Snacks to Bring List*

You made it to the end of our list! For extra bonus points, here’s a quick list of the best snacks to bring to KoH as well so you can stock up for your trip!

We Look Forward to Seeing Your at Hammers This year!

Enjoy every moment at KOH! With the incredible landscapes, great company, and thrilling races, it’s bound to be a memorable trip.  

Safe travels, and we’ll see you out there! 


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