What to Bring UTV Racing

What to Bring UTV Racing


Planning to race your UTV? Preparation is half the battle. The track can be unpredictable, and ensuring you have the right gear can make the difference between an ordinary race and an extraordinary one. Safety, performance, adaptability – these are all factors that hinge on your gear choices.

At PRP Seats, we understand the nuances of UTV racing. Here’s a comprehensive rundown of the most important items to pack, ensuring you’re well-equipped for whatever the track throws your way. 

Here’s a list of gear to bring with you while you’re heading out to race this year:

Your Safety Gear Checklist


Go for a helmet that’s either SFI-rated or approved by the racing sanction. It should fit snugly, offer top-notch protection, and have good ventilation. 

Racing Suit and Gloves

Your suit should be flame-resistant and meet either SFI standards or those of the racing body. Gloves, too, should be compliant, prioritizing both durability and a solid grip. 

Neck Brace

Choose an SFI-rated or sanctioned neck brace. It’s vital to prevent hyperextension during unforeseen jolts. 


Ensure your boots align with racing guidelines, offering solid traction, ankle support, and the ability to handle varied terrains. 

Comfort and Safety on the Go


In long endurance UTV races, comfort is as vital as performance. PRP Seats offer ergonomic support in race seats to reduce fatigue, ensuring you stay sharp throughout.

Racing Harnesses

Paired with our SFI PRP Racing Harnesses, you’re not only comfortable but also securely anchored, letting you tackle every twist and turn with confidence. 

Keep Connected; Stay Informed

GPS for Off-Road Navigation

A high-resolution GPS will ensure you never veer off track. 

Two-way Radios

Crucial for instant team communication. Look for ones with long battery life. 

Rugged Radios

Built for tough racing conditions, these ensure connectivity even in less-than-ideal environments. 

Emergency Kit Essentials

First Aid Kit

Stock it with bandages, antiseptics, pain relievers, and any personal medication. 

Tire Repair Kit

Include patches, a portable air compressor, and tire sealant. 

Tool Kit

This is your full toolbox on the go, packed for any racing repair. Include essentials like wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, duct tape, zip ties, and spare fuses. Know your UTV’s needs and ensure your kit’s always ready. 

Nourish and Hydrate: Fueling Right


Consider hydration systems that allow you to sip without distraction. 

Electrolyte Drinks

These restore essential minerals, keeping muscle cramps at bay. 


Pack energy gels or bars for rapid energy boosts during the race. 


Quick protein shots or shakes post-race aid muscle recovery. 

Balanced Meals

Days before the race, load up on complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats. 

Shine on with Baja Designs

Navigating through low visibility is more than a simple challenge; it’s a potential hazard. Baja Designs steps in here with lighting solutions specifically tailored for the unpredictable terrains of UTV racing.

Not only are these lights ruggedly constructed to withstand rough conditions, but they also deliver unparalleled illumination, cutting through the murkiest environments. With their long-lasting build and cutting-edge design, Baja Designs ensures that darkness or dense fog won’t compromise your racing edge. 

Extra Gear: Better Safe Than Sorry

Drive Belts

Carry a spare or two. Drive belts can wear out or snap under intense conditions, and a quick replacement can be a race-saver. 


A spare axle can come in handy, especially considering the critical role they play. 


Depending on the race’s duration and terrain, a spare tire or even two might be vital. The terrain can be unpredictable, and tire issues can arise. 

Suspension & Drivetrain

Spare shock absorbers, linkages, and related components are a must, especially on rough terrains. 


Extra brake pads, rotors, and fluid will ensure you always have the stopping power you need. 


Stock up on essential fluids like engine oil, brake fluid, and coolant. 


An auxiliary fuel container, filled and ready, is crucial. Additionally, when refueling, ensure the person in charge wears appropriate safety attire, such as flame-resistant clothing and gloves. Accidents can happen, and being prepared reduces risks. 


A durable, compact jack suited for your UTV’s weight is essential for tire changes and undercarriage checks. 

Dress for the Occasion

Racer’s Base Layers

Whether racing in hot or cold conditions, opt for breathable, moisture-wicking materials like synthetic fabrics or merino wool. A snug fit ensures comfort and flexibility, with features like flatlock seams reducing chafing 

Race Day Extras

Different visors for your helmet can be crucial—clear ones for low-light conditions or nighttime and tinted for bright daytime races. Keep multiple pairs of gloves handy, some for grip and others for warmth.  


For longer races where every second counts, many racers use catheters. It’s a practical solution to avoid unnecessary pit stops and to maintain focus on the race. Make sure to choose one designed for sports applications and ensure it’s securely positioned to avoid any discomfort. 

To Wrap it Up

UTV racing is a thrilling blend of skill, adaptability, and endurance. It’s not just about speed, but about outsmarting the race itself.

With the right gear and a prepared mindset, you’re setting yourself up for victory. PRP Seats has your back, from gearing up to crossing that finish line.   


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