Suspension VS Composite?

What is the difference between the two? Which one do you choose and for what application? Check out this detailed video brought to you by our friends at Terra Crew! Terra Crew teamed up with Morgan Clarke Designs to bring us the breakdown of the century to explain the difference. Morgan Clarke is a renowned fabricator in the off-road world and has built his fair share of off-road vehicles that utilize a wide variety of seat options.

Steps To A Suspension Seat:

  1. Weld steel tubing together
  2. Powder coat seat to prevent any rusting
  3. Insert inner-liner
  4. Lace with paracord tightly to give the seat it’s “suspension” effect
  5. Strategically place foam and lumbar to give extreme comfort to the seat
  6. Place unique PRP seat cover over the frame
  7. Complete!

Steps To A Composite Seat:

  1. Receive fiberglass shell from supplier
  2. Add foam and lumbar to the shell for increased comfortability while racing
  3. Place unique PRP cover over the shell
  4. Bam! Composite Seat Complete!