UTV Takeover Day 4

UTV Takeover Day 4

UTV Takeover in Coos Bay, Oregon is underway! We’re out here for the very first time and are loving it already. Our guys, Dune and Destroy continue to raise HAVOC out at UTV Takeover. Check out this recap of what the guys did today while in Coos Bay!

What is UTV Takeover? UTV Takeover is a large gathering of EVERYTHING UTV and they take over dunes all over the USA 4 times a year. Industry vendors and internet personalities all gather for 5 days of absolute UTV chaos. You can learn more here.

Special shoutout to Baja Designs, 212 Performance Gloves, EFX Tires, and Fuel Off-Road for contributing to get these dudes up to Coos Bay!

What are the Dune and Destroy guys running from us?

Shannon has the RST front seats for the PRO XP. Kyle has the GT3 Seat for RS1. John has two different seats because he’s special. The BRAVO and the GT/S.E. However, they all run the 5.3 harness from us to stay locked in!

What are they running from Baja Designs?

White PRO XP:

  1. https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/Polaris-RZR-Pro-XP-Headlight-Kits.asp (Polaris, RZR Pro XP Headlight Kit: S1 Spot, S1 Spot, S1 W/C)
  2. https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/Polaris-RZR-Pro-XP-XL-Linkable-Roof-Bar-Kit.asp ( Polaris RZR Pro XP, XL Linkable Roof Bar Kit)
  3. bajadesigns.com/products/squadron-sport-led-driving-combo-amber.asp x3 (Squadron Sport, LED Driving/Combo, Amber)