Why Use a Limit Strap?

How to Protect Your Suspension with PRP Limit Straps

Should You Use a Limit Strap for Your Vehicle?

Embrace the challenge of King of the Hammers, a race that’s not just about speed, but about survival and strategy. You’re geared up, the engine’s rumbling, and ahead lies a blend of high-speed deserts and rugged rock trails.

Here, every component of your vehicle matters, especially your suspension. That’s where off-road limit straps come into play, transforming from mere accessories into crucial equipment for your off-road challenge.

Navigating the Terrain of King of the Hammers 

King of the Hammers isn’t your average Sunday drive. It’s a test of endurance, skill, and equipment. The terrain is unpredictable – one moment you’re flying across the desert at breakneck speeds, and the next, you’re navigating through a maze of rocks.

PRP limit straps are essential in managing these extremes, providing a reliable constant in a race filled with variables. 

The Advantages of PRP Limit Straps 

The short answer: preventing suspension drama.

Imagine this: You hit a massive jump. Without PRP limit straps, your suspension stretches too far, and you risk breaking vital parts mid-air. With these straps, you get a safety net, keeping everything in check and avoiding costly and dangerous mishaps.

Extending Component Lifespan

In the grueling conditions of the race, suspension components are under constant stress. PRP limit straps help reduce wear and tear, ensuring your suspension parts perform optimally throughout the event and beyond. 

Enhancing Vehicle Handling 

Stability and control are key in off-road racing. PRP limit straps help maintain a balanced and predictable driving experience, crucial when tackling diverse terrains at varying speeds. 

Choosing Your PRP Limit Straps 

Selecting the right PRP limit straps is akin to choosing the right tool for a job. Take into account your vehicle’s specific needs – its weight, suspension type, and the challenges it will face in the race.

Moreover, accurately measuring for your PRP limit straps is crucial: take your X measurement, and minus 1” of length for every 12” of strap. This is the corrected length that you actually need to order.

For example, if your X measurement is 24”, then you need to remove 2” from the length, and the corrected limit strap length that you actually need is 22”. When in doubt, tap into the wisdom of seasoned racers or consult with experts familiar with the rigors of King of the Hammers. 

Keep Your Suspension Protected

As you gear up for the King of the Hammers, keep in mind that the key to triumph is in the details. While PRP limit straps may appear to be a minor component, in the demanding conditions of a race, they are crucial for optimal vehicle performance and enhancing your overall racing journey.

Explore our range of Limit Straps and make sure you’re fully prepared for the challenge ahead! 


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