Best Harnesses for Off-Road Racing

Best Harnesses for Racing


In the thrilling world of off-road racing, where every bump and jump push the limits of control, racing harnesses step up as silent safety heroes. Beyond the excitement, these harnesses keep drivers tightly secured to their vehicles, shielding them from the intense forces of high-speed action.

Most racing groups require strict safety standards, often requiring SFI certification, highlighting how crucial these safety tools are. PRP Race Harnesses embody this safety commitment, blending style and innovation into every harness. 

Let’s explore the amazing features of PRP’s race harness lineup that can transform your off-road racing experience. 

5 Point Cam-Lock Harnesses for Racing

Get set for precision and safety like before with the PRP 5 Point Cam-Lock Harness. It’s not just a harness; it’s the key to keeping you locked in during the most thrilling parts of your race.

With a Cam-Lock style buckle, you can release quickly and smoothly, safely diving into the action whenever you want. And the real game-changer here is PRP’s Exclusive CleanLatch Technology. Say goodbye to dirt and mud messing up your Cam-Lock— these unique harnesses have rubberized seals to keep the mechanism clean and you ready to go. 

These harnesses are designed specifically for racing and come standard with removable pads!

The two options mentioned below are available for the 5-Point Cam-Lock Harnesses:

Pull Up EZ Adjusters on the Lap Belts

For the quickest adjustment, we’d recommend going with Pull-Up EZ Adjusters. A quick pull up, and you’re good to go—easy, just like it should be. 

Cam-Lock Harness with Ratchet Lap Belt

Looking to be even more secure than EZ Adjusters? Then switch it up to running a ratchet lap belt. This comes with the ratchet tool to tighten your lap belt to squeeze your lap and legs together for maximum containment inside your race seat. 


5-Point Custom Harnesses for Racing

Make a statement with the PRP 5-Point Custom Harness—a mix of safety and style tailored just for you. With a design that’s all about you and the features you need, this harness isn’t just an extra; it’s a way to show off your personality.

The PRP 5.2 Custom Harness gives you a bunch of options to make it work for you: 

Custom Harness with Removable Pads

If you’re looking for a race ready harness, you must select removable pads so that you can run a HANS Device.

Pull Up EZ Adjusters on the Lap Belts

Again, we’re going to recommend the super easy Pull-Up EZ Adjusters. Just a quick pull is all you need.

Custom Harness with Ratchet Lap Belt

Just as in the cam-lock harnesses, you can also opt for a little more security with a ratchet belt for your custom harness as well! The ratcheting mechanism allows you to fine-tune the tension on your lap belt with unparalleled precision. Achieve a customized fit that molds seamlessly to your body, providing maximum containment and ensuring you stay securely in place during every twist and turn.

Expect More From Your Harnesses

In the heart-pounding realm of off-road racing, where the terrain is relentless and control is paramount, PRP stands as a beacon of safety and innovation. 

As we’ve journeyed through the incredible features of PRP’s race harness lineup, from the precision of the 5-Point Cam-Lock Harness to the personalized safety of the 5-Point Custom Harness, we hope that we’ve shown that our commitment goes beyond function – we offer a blend of style, innovation, and unwavering safety to our riders.

Strap in and let PRP rev up your journey on and off the track!


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