Top King of the Hammers Event Locations

Top King of the Hammers Event Locations

What Are the Best Places to Visit at King of the Hammers?

Head out to the King of Hammers this year! An incredible event where Johnson Valley in California becomes a playground for off-road racing fans. Hammertown, a pop-up town of almost one hundred thousand people fill the lakebed where the toughest vehicles and the best off-road drivers around come together for a two week long racing event.

This guide will run through the spots that you HAVE TO VISIT!

It’s the perfect adventure for anyone into off-road racing, packed with action and excitement. 

Key Event Destinations and Experiences at KoH

1. Hammertown

This is the heart of King of the Hammers! Bustling with vendor displays, food options, and race team setups, this is where the off-road community comes together to celebrate their passion. You never know who you’re going to run into in Hammertown – racers, celebrities, or even your favorite online personality.

If you’re not watching the race, Hammertown is the place to be. 

2. The Race Starting/Finish Line

Experience the rush of adrenaline as racers begin and end their grueling journey, a must-see for any racing enthusiast. The start and finish line are located inside Hammertown, so make sure you have access to the pop-up town before you go to visit this part of the course.

3. Chocolate Thunder

A fan-favorite obstacle, Chocolate Thunder offers a thrilling view of 4x4s tackling treacherous rocky terrain. The energy here is contagious and offers the best views of the up-close action.

4. Backdoor

A challenging section where spectators can witness the raw power of vehicles scaling steep ascents or descents. It’s a true testament to driver skill and vehicle capability. Backdoor is another great viewpoint with easy spectator access to get up and close with race cars as they pass by.

5. Pit Areas

With access to Hammertown, there are some pit areas that are open to the general public where you can see how a team preps and prepares for the their big race day. This is great to get a behind-the-scenes look at the teams and their incredible machines, and maybe even chat with some of the drivers and crew members.


6. Jumbotron in Hammertown

Catch live race footage here, perfect for those who prefer to stay close to the central hub and not out in the desert. Bring a lawn chair and a cooler for a nice day watching the race on the big screen!

7. Outer Limits and Spooners Trails

These challenging trails are part of the racecourse and offer great action for spectators if you have a vehicle that is capable enough to make it out there.

8. Racer Line-Up

Got access to Hammertown? Get out early around 7-8am on race day and see the vehicles up close and ready to race on the streets of Hammertown. 

9. Pit Crew Challenge

See the skill and efficiency of pit crews in a competitive setting. This event is a blast and is put on by our friends at ProEagle & BuggyWhip. See how fast teams can change a tire and be crowned the champs. 

10. Johnson Valley Trails

For those bringing their own 4x4s, the surrounding trails are perfect for off-roading. Every night there is always something to do, especially out at Backdoor or Chocolate Thunder. Those two spots are the quickest to get to from camp for most and offer a long night of entertainment.

See You in Hammertown!

As the dust settles on another exhilarating day in Hammertown, the memories of roaring engines and spectacular feats of driving linger in the air. This desert rendezvous is more than just a test of endurance and engineering; it’s a celebration of the off-road lifestyle and the community that cherishes it.

From the high-octane excitement at the start line to the shared stories around the campfire, every moment here is a story in the making. So, pack your gear, set your GPS for Hammertown, and join us for an unforgettable journey into the soul of off-road racing. Whether you come for the competition or the camaraderie, this is where legends are forged, and adventures are born.

See you in the dust!

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