Race Day Top 10 Checklist!

Race Day Top 10 Checklist!

What are the 10-15 things every racer should consider before a race?  We asked some of our Team PRP racers what they do or bring before a race! Take some notes as these can be super helpful for not only racing, but for play too!

Race Day Top 10 Checklist!

Adrian Orellana (Rancho Racing) Checklist:

  1. Radio checks with all chase vehicles 
  2. Lock radio freq
  3. Intercom checks
  4. Steering wheel locked/tight
  5. Spare tire secure
  6. Lug nuts
  7. Food in car
  8. Microfiber towels
  9. Neck restraints 
  10. Tool bags secured and tagged
  11. Jack secure
  12. Seat belts tight
  13. All gauges accurate 
  14. Water bags
  15. GUMMY BEARS in car
Race Day Top 10 Checklist!

Maddie Wedeking Checklist:

  1. Double-check race radios
  2. Lug nuts are all torqued down tight
  3. Fill camelback with Starbucks!
  4. New drive belt before race
  5. Load race course onto the GPS
  6. PRP Seat belts are all tight and secure
  7. Adjust mirrors
  8. Neck restraints are on and secure in case of an accident
  9. Impact guns are charged and loaded in the RZR
  10. SNACKS!
Race Day Top 10 Checklist!

Casey Sims Checklist:

  1. Check fuel levels
  2. Transponder on car
  3. Tear off’s on helmet
  4. Radios on and checked
  5. Pray with mom
  6. Check belts
  7. Dad locks the window nets once I am in my RZR
  8. Always bring WATER!
  9. Go-Pro’s are on and secure
  10. I always touch my lucky keychain before the race!
Race Day Top 10 Checklist!

Kaden Danbury Checklist:

For race cars:

  1. Install radios (if you use a handheld) and go pros
  2. W-40 panels for mud
  3. Tire pressure
  4. Tech car
  5. After practice on race weekend- air out the clutch, change belt, fuel, adjust shocks, clean air filter, wash the car

For me:

  1. Eat a banana (arm pump)
  2. Clean/ install new helmet lens
  3. Install tear-offs
  4. Charge radios
  5. Charge Go-Pros
  6. Drink lots of fluids
  7. Pre-race warmup- push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, etc. 
  8. Suit up- suit, neck brace, shoes, gloves, and helmet
Race Day Top 10 Checklist!

Dominck Gaglione Checklist:

  1. Rags
  2. Extra water
  3. Snacks
  4. Survival gear
  5. Extra antenna for radio (in case you crash and snap the antenna)    
  6. Handheld radio 
  7. Lug nuts 
  8. Tire pressure 
  9. Oil levels