Derek West @ Ultra4 Teardown!

This was the first Ultra 4 race back since COVID-19 hit and man was everyone ready for some racing! Friday was qualifying at 3 pm. Derek and the #20 team had been working on getting a few things fixed up for the race that morning and put some new plug wires on just before qualifying in an effort to have fresh wires for the start of the race. One of the wires is custom made length and that wire got missed leaving Derek qualifying on only 7 cylinders! Derek still made a great pass and was slated to start 5th for the race the next day. “We had just made some adjustments to the car and I immediately knew something was wrong when I made my qualifying pass after I got back to my trailer I looked at the plug wires and saw where I had missed getting one of them plugged on to the coil! I laughed and said, that is why I did this before qualifying and not right before the start of the race!”, said Derek. Saturday afternoon was the main race and Derek & David were lined up in the 5th starting spot. As they started their first lap they had a mechanical failure and were not able to continue on. After the race Derek said, “Such a bummer to go out so fast, we will re-group and hope to come back strong for the next one.” It was a great time seeing everyone after the long break from racing and loved to see all our race family. The team is looking forward to the next race in August.