What Harness Do I Need?

off-road and UTV harness colors

4-Point Harnesses

If you ride leisurely, our 4-point harnesses are the perfect option. Precisely our 4.2 auto-latch harness features an auto buckle instead of the traditional latch and link system that people struggle with. Riding on trails is made easy with our auto style latch with quick in and out of your off-road vehicle.

4.2 Harness

Our 4.2 harness is our best-selling harness and offered in nine different color options. What does 4.2 stand for? The 4 stands for the number of attachment points, and the .2 stands for 2″ lap and shoulder belts. Since the 4.2 harness features the auto-latch and the 2″ straps, it makes it extremely universal for all ages.

The 4.2 Harness is available in 8 additional colors
The 4.2 Harness is available in 8 additional colors
Harness easy to get in and out
Auto Latch Feature Close-Up

4.3 Harness

Are you looking for a little bit more of a traditional harness with large straps? Our 4.3 harness features the latch and link belt system instead of the auto-latch and has 3″ straps for the shoulder and lap. This belt is still easy to get out of since it does not have a 5-point belt between the legs. We even offer the 4.3 in various colors that will help match your ride and customized PRP seats.

4 point, 3 inch Harness
4 point, 3 inch harness

5-Point Harnesses

Do you take riding a little bit more seriously? Do you show no mercy while riding in the sand or dirt? Our 5-point harnesses offer the perfect combination of security and comfort while out on the trails. We offer a variety of different options of 5-points to fit your needs. We also offer the 5.3 in five different color options.

5.2 Harness

The 5.2 Harness features 2″ lap and shoulder belts but will provide additional safety with the 5th point which runs between the legs. The 5th point plays an important role as it prevents the lap belt from riding up too high as well as your body from sliding out the bottom of the belt during a roll over.

Black harnesses for off-road
5 point, 2 inch Harness

5.3×2 Harness

If you desire more containment in the harness, we offer a 5.3×2 harness featuring a 3″ lap belt and 2″ shoulder belt. The thicker lap belt provides a bit more comfort across the hips while the 2″ shoulder belt is less likely to rub your neck after a long or rough ride.

5 point harness with 3" lap belt and 2" shoulder belts.
5 point harness with 3″ lap belt and 2″ shoulder belts.

5.3 Harness

You can take it a step further with our 5.3 Harness. Using, 3″ shoulder belts and 3″ lap belts for the ultimate containment in a harness, this belt is also SFI 16.1 certified which is required in most types of off-road racing. If you are strictly using harnesses for play, you’ll be more than confident with this option holding you in your seat out in the dunes or desert.

5 point, 3 inch harness in silver
5 point, 3 inch harness in silver

Options for 5.3 Harnesses

With the 5.3 Harness, PRP allows you to customize several different options. Head to the 5.3 Custom harness page and choose your lap belt attachment, lap belt adjustment, and shoulder style.

Belt attachment and adjusters
Belt attachment and adjusters

Bolt-in or Clip-In Attachments

Depending on how your vehicle is equipped, your lap belt is going to connect by bolting in (more common) or clipping on to an eye-bolt (mostly used by racers but convenient when you need to take your belts out often). PRP offers clip-in lap belt options you can add to your 5.3 or 5.3×2 Harnesses.

PRPs EZ adjuster
EZ Adjusters make it easy to loosen and tighten your lap and shoulder belts

Roller Adjusters or EZ Adjusters

Roller adjusters are the traditional style you’ve probably seen on most belts. They work just fine but make it difficult to loosen up the harness when not driving or trying to see your line. PRP was the first to introduce the EZ Adjuster, allowing for easy adjustment of the shoulder or lap belts. Simply pull the adjuster lever up and the belt slides through smoothly.

Standard or Padded HANS Shoulder Belts

Our pads have been called the most comfortable on the market. The Standard pads cover the top of your shoulder giving you all-day comfort. When using a HANS device—mostly needed by racers to secure the driver’s head in case of an accident—the shoulder belts need to be thinner to fit through the device. PRP offers shorter pads which don’t interfere with the device while still offering protection for the driver’s chest.

Options for 5.2 and 5.3 Harnesses

Removable Shoulder Pads

Are you looking for a leisure ride with your race belts? We made the pads removable so you can play comfortably. If you’re racing, you can remove the shoulder pads to accommodate a Hans device much easier! Another benefit of removable shoulder pads is that they are super easy to clean!

Cam-Lock Harnesses

A harness is the most essential safety equipment for your car.  

Two of the reasons to choose this harness are its convenience and comfort. We designed our Camlock harness to be easy to secure and quick to release, so you’re safe from a dangerous situation.  

PRP’s Cam-Locks feature our exclusive CleanLatch Technology, with dust-resistant seals and rubberized tab ends to prevent dirt and dust from getting in. Other new features include our thick shoulder pads for comfort, which are now removable, so you can easily clean them or use this harness with any neck restraint system. The EZ adjusters on the shoulders and lap belts allow you to adjust your belts quickly, even if they are dirty or muddy. The Bolt-In Tabs on the Shoulders and Lap are easily removable, so you can swap in Clip-in Tabs if desired.  

SFI 16.1 certified for racing!

6-Point Harness

This is the ultimate race belt offering the most security for those who are serious about racing! The 6.3×2 Harness offers the most security and features. We’ve lowered the Padded Hans to ensure no interference with the HANS, and added EZ adjusters to the lap and shoulder. Other features include 3″ lap belts with pull-up adjustment and clip-in hardware with an adjustable length between pull-up and clip-in. The 2″ shoulder belts are 60″ long and are adjustable length, HANs compatible, and use clip-in hardware. The dual submarine straps, when installed correctly, can reduce chest compression in an accident by up to 50%! On top of all that, our belts meet the highest safety standards with a 16.5 SFI rating that works with all off-road requirements for racing. 

6 point harness with 3 inch lap belts, shortened shoulder pads and 2 inch shoulder belts to fit HANS devices.
The 6.3×2 Harneses feature shortened shoulder pads and 2 inch shoulder belts to fit HANS devices.

3″ vs. 2″

Still wondering what harness to go with, here is a photo of the difference in size and design of our 3″ vs. 2″ belts. An easy way to assist with deciding is taking a measuring tape to your shoulder from your neck to see how many inches of space you have. Those with broader shoulders, you’d want the 3″ and for those with small shoulders or fear any type of rubbing along the neck, we recommend the 2″.