Color Options For Your Next Harnesses

UTV harness color options

Are you ready to set your ride apart from the crowd? Our most popular harnesses are available in a variety of colors! No matter what your style is, we have you covered.

Available in up to nine colors to fit your ride and personal style.


4.2 harnesses for UTV


The 4.2 harness is our best-selling harness and is available in nine color options: Black, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red, and Silver.

4.2 auto-latch harnesses feature an automotive style buckle instead of a traditional latch and link system (that some users find difficult to use).

Since the harness features an auto-latch and two-inch straps, it is an excellent configuration suitable for all ages.

4.3 harnesses for UTV


Looking for a harness with wider straps?

We offer our 4.3 harnesses in seven color options that will help match your ride and customized PRP seats: Black, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Silver.

We use a latch and link system instead of an auto-latch on the 4.3 harnesses and three-inch straps on the shoulders and legs.

This belt is still easy to get out of though, since it does not have a 5-point belt between the legs.

5.3 Harnesses for UTV Off-Roading


Don’t be boring while racing!

We offer six different colors for our 5.3 harnesses to stand out from the crowd while racing: Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Silver.

Safety and comfort are both ensured with these 5-point harness with 3-inch belts. Our 5-point harnesses have sewn-in shoulder pads that reduce chaffing on the neck and add to comfort, especially on long off-road rides. The EZ Adjusters make it simple to adjust the shoulder straps, even when they’re dirty or muddy.

In addition, the lap belt has a red latch guard and a removable sternum strap—the lap belt bolts in. Harness and crotch straps can be bolted to the roll bar or wrapped around it.

Our 5.3 harnesses are also SFI 16.1 certified for racing!

While safety should always be your #1 priority when it comes to choosing your harnesses, if you’re shopping with PRP Seats you’ll always be able to find a color and style that compliments your specific taste and vehicle.


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