Best Places to Go Off-Roading On The West Coast

where to go off-roading on the west coast

Where Are The Best Places to Go Off-Roading on the West Coast?

Do you daydream about dunes? Does your heart race when you load up an ATV, UTV, or dirt bike? It sounds like you might need to spend some time in the desert!

Like you, we’d much rather ride than scour the internet for the best trails and OHV Park reviews, so we’ve done all the research for you! Read on for our hit list of the best riding spots on the west coast and make sure to check out our Events page to find out when and where you can meet up with PRP!


California’s Dumont Dunes are one of the best places to ride. While this place is known for its steep volcanic hills and its slow-moving Amargosa River, it is best known for its steep dunes. With lots of razorbacks and different slopes, Dumont’s primary dunes are large and scenic.  

OFF-ROADING AT Coos Bay (Oregon Dunes, OR) 

In Coos Bay, the dunes are small-to-moderate in size and offer excellent thrill-cruising opportunities. The park has many water features, tree chutes, and steep hills. You can enjoy some good lips for jumping if you are brave enough.

A whooped-out road through the forest leads to the several-mile-long beach. Along the way, there are pockets of smaller bowl dunes. 

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TRY THE Imperial Dunes (Imperial County, CA) 

The largest OHV recreation area for sand dunes in the country with golden sand as far as the eye can see! Test your skills with more than 150,000 acres of never-ending hills and bowls.

Divided into four distinct areas: Gordons Well, Glamis, Ogilby, and Buttercup Dunes, the Imperial Sand Dunes consistently change their architecture due to the winds, even keeping locals on their toes! 

DON’T MISS Sand Hollow (Hurricane, UT) 

Sand Hollow attracts hundreds of off-road junkies every year, and it’s easy to see why! Off-roaders flock here every year because of Sand Hollow’s endless off-road opportunities and challenges for all types of vehicles.

From mildly challenging to outright insane, the park offers some of the best trails in Southern Utah. There are more than 6,000 acres of sand dunes where you can test your skills on open or technical trails. 

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OFF-ROADING AT Ocotillo Wells (Borrego Springs, CA) 

Off-road trails here are diverse and fun to explore- slash through washes, turn technical trails, and hike through Mars-like landscapes.

The Ocotillo Wells area is full of geological activity, such as the active Gas Domes, the odd pumpkin-shaped formations in Pumpkin Patch, and the oyster shells at Shell Reef. For Jeep enthusiasts, Tierra Del Sol is a must-drive trail. 

CALIFORNIA OFF-ROADING AT Pismo Beach Dunes (Oceano, CA) 

The Pismo Beach Dunes have been one of California’s most popular off-roading spots for decades. The beach portion of the dunes is the only place in California where cars have been permitted to drive on the sand.

The Pismo beach dunes are recognized by scientists, conservationists, government agencies, and the public as the finest, most extensive coastal dunes remaining in California. The dunes are an incredible sight to behold. 

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RIDING AND VIEWS AZ AT Copper Basin Dunes (Parker, AZ) 

In the Copper Basin Dunes OHV Area, you will find desert trails, powerline roads, and isolated sand dunes on a 1275-acre “Open” area. Although the dunes offer beautiful views of the river, you can only ride part of the way down to view it.

Only designated routes can be used around the OHV area. In this OHV area, you can ride trails through the bajada and up into the canyons, as well as the sand dunes.


Located between the California and Arizona border, there are plenty of camping opportunities along the Colorado River. Take the road less traveled to Quartzite to hunt for gems or explore local mining sites.

You can take the Arizona peace trail from Yuma to Kingman and everything in between for a multi-day adventure. This region boasts some of the best off-roading in the west, and it’s all approved by the state of Arizona!! 

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DUNE RIDING AT St. Anthony Sand Dunes (St Anthony, ID)

This is the ultimate playground for off-road vehicle enthusiasts, with 10,600 acres of white quartz sand blown into 400-foot-high dunes. In the summer, dune enthusiasts on ATVs and side-by-side UTVs are frequent visitors.

The St. Anthony Sand Dunes are home to a Wilderness Study Area and one of the largest elk herds in the country. 

Where Are You OFF-ROADING This Year?

Let us know down in the comments below if you’ve found some great spots on the West Coast that we’ve left out or if you’re going to be at any of our events this year!

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