Top Requirements for UTV Racing

find how you can start racing UTVs

What Do You Need to Start UTV Racing?

Like anything done at the top level, it takes time, patience, and a lot of money to be the best. Do you think you have what it takes to race UTV’s?

We will go over the following items: 

  • Building Your UTV 
  • Selecting Your Class 
  • Passing Tech 
  • Pit Crew 
  • Testing 
  • Compete


You’ve just brought home your UTV and now it’s time to make it yours.

So, what’s next? Passing a tech inspection won’t be possible with stock safety configurations so you will need to make a few key changes before you can get down and dirty on the course with stock Can-Am X3s and Polaris RZRs.

invest in high-quality roll cages, helmets, window nets, racing harnesses, and racing seats to ensure your safety. Prioritizing your personal safety is always the upmost priority. Each racing sanction has it’s own rules and classes. There are some race promoters who require aftermarket fuel cells. Other requirements include horns, taillights, two-way radios, tracking systems, and other equipment you wouldn’t want to be without. 

building your UTV


Whether you want to ride short-course or desert, there is a class for you. Class selection is determined by age, driving skill level, vehicle type, and modifications.

Each event offers different classes, so be sure to determine which one best suits your ability and riding style. If you are new to UTV racing, we’d recommend trying a Sportsman or Production class to get a better idea of your skill level.

Choose Your UTV Class


Before you can race your UTV, you must pass a technical inspection. Not all races require the same inspections, so knowing the requirements ahead of arriving for to your race is crucial.

Vehicles that do not pass inspection will automatically be disqualified and you will have to try again. We recommend beginning with small dirt track races if you are a newcomer to UTV racing. Dirt Track events often since they requires fewer inspections than desert races.

Top Requirements for UTV Racing


A podium finish in UTV racing requires a team effort, so grab your friends or your family because you’re going to need a pit crew!

Obviously, you won’t need an entire Nascar team, but you will need a few people who know what they’re doing. Always assemble a checklist of the items you need to bring to stay competitive in the race. Radio communication is crucial between you the driver and your team. Your pit team must be on stand-by with spare parts, fuel, and tools.

Gather Your Team


When it comes to being a top competitor in any series, practice makes perfect, and there is no substitute for seat time. In order to be a successful racer, comfortability and familiarity with your car is everything. 

Pre-running the track/course ahead of the race will help you to get a good feel for the car’s capability and responsiveness before the race. You’ll want to watch what speeds and lines you can take in certain sections as you test your car.

supplies and getting ready to race UTV


Off-road racing is unlike any other sport in the world and doing it in a UTV is the easiest and most affordable way to be competitive at a professional level. We’ve compiled a list of parts and supplies to get you to the starting line. You supply the talent 

What you’ll need to compete:

  • Roll Cage: Factory cages are only be allowed if modified or reinforced and at two points on the rear bumper or frame. Gusseting of the factory cage is highly encouraged. Aftermarket well-built roll cages made for racing are recommended. 

  • Doors: Lockable side protection doors must be mounted so as not to pop open during racing. Factory doors with a secondary locking mechanism are approved. 
  • Helmets: Helmets must be approved by the Snell Memorial Foundation with a Snell or DOT sticker attached. 
  • Fire Suit: One-piece fire suits are mandatory. Fire suits must meet the requirements of race officials along with gloves and racing shoes or boots. 
  • Fire Extinguisher: Portable 2.5-pound fire extinguisher must be readily accessible to the driver in every car 
  • Ignition: The ignition switch and all-electric fuel pumps must be labeled and easily accessible from inside and outside of the vehicle. 
  • Safety Nets: Approved safety nets are mandatory on all vehicles. There is not a better window net available for racing than PRP’s Window Nets.
  • Safety Harness: You’ll need a SFI approved five-point racing harness. PRP offers the best SFI approved racing harnesses, so choose your color and start racing with confidence!
  • Racing Seats: In long races, your body will be more fatigued based on the seat you are in. Running PRP’s custom UTV seats in your car will help resolve this issue.  
  • Number Plates: Vehicles must display the correct vehicle number in the correct size and color. 
  • Scoring Transponder: Transponders are often available for purchase or rental at the track with a deposit. 
  • Lighting: Any race that has the potential to turn into a night race will require lights! We recommend Baja Designs for the best lights on the market.
  • Tool Bag: Having a tool bag that a codriver can easily access in case you can’t make it to the pits is essential. PRP’s Can-Am and Polaris Tool Bags are the perfect addition to your SxS racing inventory.
  • Recovery Ropes: When you’re in a bind, you’ll need a trustworthy tow rope and ratchet straps. You won’t find a better provider for recovery ropes than SpeedStrap.
  • Mirrors: A rear-view mirror is required on all vehicles. Mirrors are subject to Technical Directors approval. 
  • Horns: All vehicles must have a loud sounding siren audible from 100 feet. 
  • Wheels: Each wheel on the vehicle including all spares must have the vehicle’s number on the wheel. 
  • Fuel Tanks: Safety fuel cells are required for all vehicles.
  • Wheels: Method Race Wheels are our go-to choice for racing wheels, just make sure they’re forged and ready for battle! 
  • Tires: Tensor Tire! 
  • Suspension: Shock Therapy! 
  • First Aid kit: Accidents can happen at any time, so keep a first aid kit handy! We recommend Desert Squadron. 
  • GPS/Radio: When you don’t know where you’re going and can’t communicate with your teammates, your chances of winning races are slim. If you want to be a top competitor, you’ll need this. We recommend Rugged Radios and PCI Race Radios to provide you with the best products for your needs.
now you're ready to race UTV


Assemble your team and get racing!

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