The Jump Champs Achieves Promising Heights

Flying high at Jump Champs, Image Copyright Attain Media

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016 (Corona, California) –
The Jump Champs inaugural event has come and gone. It played out with a high level of energy and positive vibes throughout the entire day. First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for coming out to be part of the experience. The hype around The Jump Champs proved to be legitimate and it appears all had a good time.

Congratulations to the class winners in our Inaugural Time Trials event, there were 110 entries and they showed that a properly designed course can be fun and safe for vehicles of all levels. The Jump Champs ramps were sending trucks into orbit and the evenings sunset made an amazing backdrop to an amazing event. Winners can expect to be contacted through their registration info to collect their awards!


Overall, The Jump Champs was a safe and successful event, but it was not without its shortfalls. This was not an oversight or for lack of planning. These components are a shared responsibility and not every aspect can be controlled by The Jump Champs.

As first-time event promoters, The Jump Champs organizing partners planned tediously for six months to prepare. We knew what would be required to pull off a safe and successful event. We had plans in place and contingencies specified. We had basic fundamental mandatory requirements. We had alliances and partners. These partners are critically important in every individual aspect.

Our main priority is to promote the safety of the sport, encourage responsible recreation, and educate potential enthusiast on what off-roading is all about. The Jump Champs will continue to develop and enhance our capabilities as we ourselves realize improvements. We can sharpen safety aspects moving forward and will take what we’ve learned and apply it to the future.

We are excited about what the future holds and everyone can look forward to the possibility of new and unique events. The Jump Champs would not be possible if it was not for all our faithful event partners who contributed support!
The scene at Jump Champs 2016


The Jump Champs main focus is gathering the fans, the enthusiasts, the recreational off-road vehicle, and UTV owners and giving them a place to show off their vehicles and driving ability. Featured events such as The Jump Champs, The Time Trials, and The Desert Drags are contests of skill which allow for the most participation and very affordable entry fees. This event has been long overdue and we are excited to team up with sponsors, big name racers, and the iconic Glen Helen Raceway to bring this event to the masses. The goal is to bring the average spectator out to be part of the event, instead of sitting in the stands.

Race for the Wounded at the Mint 400

Race for the Wounded at the Mint 400

Well we are back from the Mint 400 and I am very happy to say that our wounded veterans Mike Wilson and Justin Gulde had a great time as the Co-Drivers of the Scott Racing Trophy Truck!!

2016 Mint 400

The wounded veterans participating in this years Mint 400

The day started with the alternator going out as we were moving to the start line. The Crew in main pit started working and got it changed to make the start line. Tony and Mike moved the truck past a bunch of other teams in the first 50 miles but hit a big rock that took the left rear brake caliper OFF of the truck and trashed the Ultra Wheel Company and the BFGoodrich Tires from Jackson Motorsports Group. Tony pinched the brake line changed the tire with the new lift system for Howe Performance Power Steering thanks to Sheri Fox and limped to pit A. The Crew got the truck back in the race with 3 calipers until between A and B the driveline took a hit and the top speed was 30MPH to make it to B pit. Agin the crew made the change and they were back in the hunt racing back to main pit. They again lost brakes on the way but made it safe to the pit, that is when the 2nd alternator went out on us. The Crew along with other teams keep working to ensure that Justin would get in the truck for the race. Next thing to go would be the foot off of the new jack system but we still have the old style on the truck. They made it back to the pit in time to make the last lap and 20 miles before the finish line the steering snapped a bolt and our race was over.

I can not thank all of the volunteers enough for the way they fought to keep the truck in the race. Every one of them did their part to ensure that the veterans had the chance to experience the The Mint 400 not as a spectator but as a racer!!!!! All of the hard work from everyone of them made this possible and without any of them we couldn’t make this happen for our veterans!! Tony, Arron, Brad, and Russ, working every night on the truck to have it ready. Jess ensuring that the fire suits, helmets earbuds, t-shirts, koozies, patches, and sweatshirts are organized and ready for every event. Bill, and Deb letting us use their shop and putting on a big event for the sponsors and veterans at their house. Kenny, Randy, Chris, Bill, John, and some that I can’t even remember their names right now sitting in remote pits all night to keep that truck in the fight. Polly working to find people and companies to make donations to keep everything going. Other teams jumping in to help keep us going, I wish I know what teams were all at the main pit to thank them, I know at one point we had 3 teams all working on our truck to make sure that our veterans would be racing. We even Mike and his family Tracy, Chris, and sorry can’t remember the young ladies name fly form GA on their own dime just to help our wounded race the MINT 400.

We also need to thank our brothers Warfighter Made who made a large donation towards our entry fee!!! If you haven’t checked them out please do!!!!

We will be in Phx this weekend for a fund raiser so I will get the video made as soon as I can hope to see everyone from PHX at Bill Luke Bass Days at the Pleasant Harbor Marina!!!

We also need to thank our sponsors, Jackson Motorsports Group, BFGoodrich Tires, Jon Kaase Racing Engines, King Off-Road Racing Shocks, ENVY Motorsports, Flowmaster, Howe Performance Power Steering, Fox Motorsport Racing, Texas Tornado Bootcamp, McKenzies Parts, PCI Race Radios, PRP Seats, Bell Helmets, KC HiLiTES, Inc., Torco Race Fuels, AXIS ROD ENDS, Axia Offroad, R2C Performance Products, Ultra Wheel Company, McNiel Racing.

Mitch Guthrie JR Battles, Glitches At The MINT 400. 

As a MINT 400 rookie everything was new to me. It was my first time racing it so I knew that just like every race it was going to be a learning experience.

2016 Mint 400

Friday we went through tech and contingency which was absolutely crazy! Going to this really gives you an idea of how big this race really is and it is so cool to be apart of it. After the craziness of tech and contingency we headed back to Primm to finish everything up and get some rest before race day!

Contingency Day at the 2016 Mint 400Mitch Guthrie Jr. racing the 2016 Mint 400

Alarm going off at 4:30 A.M. Saturday morning, it was go time. First cars were off the line at 6 so about 10 minutes later it was our turn. I was feeling very confident knowing we had gotten a lot of our problems with the car figured out so I was mainly hoping for another solid race! Boom the green flag drops and we are off the line. With the 2 lane start we were able to holeshot the car next to us and get a good start to the Mint 400!

Problems Early

There was just one problem the car seemed very bogged down and underpowered just as it felt at the last race. I kept going and just wanted to get going before we tried to figure out what was wrong. I let the main pit know what was going on and we just kept up a good pace trying to catch the people in front of us. We did get by some of the people in front of us but also people from the rows behind us were beginning to pass us.

Mitch Guthrie Jr. climbing hills at the Mint 400

I was pretty bummed at this point knowing that we didn’t have a car that was running at 100%. So we kept pushing but all of a sudden coming out of a corner around mile 40 the car lost just about all of the power it had and we were now down to about 30 MPH down the straight aways… something was really wrong. Knowing that we couldn’t race like this and be competitive I pulled over to try and figure out what was wrong. I just simply shut the car off and on a couple of times, took off, and boom we had full power again. I was so pumped we were on the gas it was like a totally different car and we were passing people left and right… until the car lost power again. There seemed to be nothing we could do about it so I kept going shutting the car off and on every once in awhile but it didn’t seem to help anymore.

Mitch Guthrie Jr. using what power he can get at the Mint 400

We were almost done with our 1st lap, around mile 90 when the car wasn’t steering straight, I immediately thought it was an axle so my co-dog Kurtis hopped out to see what was up, it was just a flat tire which we quickly got changed and were back on the track.

Main pit we gassed up assessed the car and got going again. I didn’t want to even mess with the car and try to get the problem fixed because I knew it would take awhile and it was something I could deal with. Lap 2 was pretty clean we once again kept a good pace, got in the groove, and started passing cars. We had a clean lap and came into the main pit for our 3rd and final lap.

Mitch Guthrie on lap 3 at the Mint 400

In the pits we thought a new ECU would fix our problem so we put a new one in but now the car wouldn’t even run. We put in the old ECU and it was time to deal with it. Lap 3 I gave it my all we were still in a great position, around 5th place, and I was content with that with the problems we were having. Coming towards Pit B we were on the homestretch I believe we were 2nd in class and around 5th overall. Just as we turn into Pit B the car looses power and won’t turnover. Me and my co-driver immediately hopped out and tried to figure out what was wrong. Thankfully we broke right at the pit so one of the the awesome BITD volunteers towed us too our pit and my crew went to work on our car.

Our exhaust actually fell off so we assumed that was our problem. Big thanks to Gene Towler who welded up my exhaust dropping some dimes and had it looking good as new! Unfortunately this wasn’t our problem so we kept looking, this went on and on for about an hour until we unfortunately had to call it. We looked over everything tried everything and unfortunately just couldn’t figure it out. Our Mint 400 experience was done.

It really was a heart breaker, but I know that we have to just keep pushing and we will get all of these problems solved. We have the car, the speed, the crew, and some awesome sponsors supporting us and I am not letting any of these problems get to me.

A big thank you to everyone who is apart of our Mint 400 team!!!!!!

Trying to find the problem before calling the Mint 400

Jeremiah Staggs MINT 400 Race Recap

Jeremiah Staggs in his Yamaha YXZ at the Mint 400

2016 Mint 400

Sunday before The MINT 400 we would make our way out to Barstow to do some shock tuning. Getting the car dialed in makes a huge difference. It was a night and day difference over what we had at the last race. Thursday morning we would hit the 15 north towards Las Vegas for the Mint 400. We would arrive around 9:30 to pic out a main pit area and set up. After we set up we would go over and catch some of the qualifying going on in Primm.

Contingency Day at the 2016 Mint 400Staggs' Yamaha YXZ on display during contingency at the Mint 400

Friday morning we would get up early and head into Vegas as the Yxz1000r had to be in the Fierce offroad booth by 7am on Fremont street. Once we got the car dropped off and had some breakfast we would sit in line at registration for a few hours and then get our cool back pack of goodies. We would make our way back down to Fremont street and spend the rest of the day meeting with friends and sponsors, tracking down Cory to get the car tech inspected. When I went over to get our IRC tracker I would learn they were over sold and we would be starting the Mint 400 with no tracker, this was also a shame because it would put down our lap times and have any chance of running for the fast lap award either. At 3:30 pm I would be asked to do a live interview on NBC 3 Las Vegas for there 5:00 news. So we would hang out and talk with the news crew for a bit and then do the live interview, yeah I was nervous but it was a awesome opportunity and I was glad to do it. After the interview we new a storm was coming in so we would load the car and race back to Primm arriving just as the storm was coming in. We would quickly unload the Yamaha and get it into the trailer for some last minute adjustments and checks as the wind,sand and rain would come in.

Jeremiah Staggs racing the Mint 400

Sat morning we would get up and stage before sunrise. Starting 32nd we knew we would have alot of work to do, the rain from the night before was awesome and just what we needed to help keep the dust down. First utvs leaving just as the sun broke over the mountains and we would now run the first part of the race going into the sun. The first 20 miles would be brutal with many cars from different classes already broken down. We wanted to pace our self as we knew we had a long rough course and race ahead, coming into remote pit A everything was fine with the car so we just passed by for a visual. Leaving pit road we resumed race speed and started passing many cars across the lake bed sections as the yamaha was killing it on the top speeds, we would make our way through the silt beds, FOX proving grounds, rock quarry and just before remote pit B we hit something super hard and caused us to lose our radio, driving the next 10 miles off of hand signals we would finally get to pit B and the crew would find the wire connector that came loose and get it repaired. Having radio communications again between co-driver and driver we would take off again heading out to complete our first lap and main pit. We would come into main pit on lap one and the crew would give us fuel and check over the car, we would also learn at this time we had started 32 and were 6th by position in class and not sure where by time and with no tracker we had no idea on lap times either. We would leave main pit and start lap two maintaining a good pace and passing more cars we would once again cruise through pit A and head out across the lake beds and silt, coming back in to the FOX proving grounds….. our FOX shocks were soaking up the massive bumps when the frame failed. The shock mounts ripped off and the front end slammed to the ground. I sat on the side of the course in shock. My shocks were blocking my view as watched my 4th place position slip away. My MINT 400 ended sitting trackside watching everyone race by. Next race we head back to Laughlin where I hope to put the 1982 on the box.

Staggs' Yamaha YXZ after the shocks broke loose from the frameThe broken frame mounts on Staggs' Yamaha YXZ

A big thanks to all the sponsors that helped me get here.

Alba Racing • PRP Seats • Yamaha • Lonestar Racing
Rugged Radios • MSA Wheels • EFX Tires
STV Motorsports • Factory UTV
Suspended Fabrication
Rhino Wraps



350 of the top off road race teams in the world descended on downtown Las Vegas earlier today, pushing their vehicles through Tech & Contingency in the calm before the storm that is Saturday’s 49th Annual Mint 400.

Thousands of fans and tourists lined the streets to help celebrate this legendary race and connect with the passion we all have for this sport. One racer brought his own excitement to the festivities. Off-road racing legend Larry Roeseler got married on the Mint stage to girlfriend Karla. We wish them all the best!





The first event today on Fremont Street for the 2016 Mint 400 was the Rugged Radios Meet & Greet, where fans could get up close and personal to the drivers to get autographs and have their photo taken with their favorite driver. Tracy Graf, Justin Lofton, Jason Coleman, and Cole Potts were just a small sample of racers that stopped by the Rugged Radios booth to interact with fans.

New to this year’s Mint 400 was the Rigid RoundUp where contestants entered their personal vehicles in a competition to see who has the baddest ride around. There were five categories; Vintage, Prerunner, Chase Truck, 1450 Class, and Street King. Three awards were given out which included The People’s Choice Award, given to the truck with the most votes online. Best in Show, awarded by on-site judges to the best looking truck overall, and Best in Class, to the baddest vehicle in each category.
The contest offered $20,000 in cash and prizes, including a Rigid light bar, set of BFG Tires, and a photoshoot with the Miss Mint winner in Dirt Sports magazine.
The winners are:

The People’s Choice Award – Tim Grachen

Best in Show – Alan Larson

Best in Class

Vintage – Steve Olliges

Prerunner – Alan Larson

Chase Truck – Nick Cress

1450 Class – Rick Randle

Street King – Audry Bird


The final event today was the Pit Crew Challenge, sponsored by Method Race Wheels. Having a strong pit crew is vital in today’s racing and this pit crew challenge lets teams showcase the talent they have on their team. Races can be won or lost in the pits. A slow pit stop can make the difference between maintaining your position or getting passed by the guy behind you.
Like previous years the pit crew challenge was divided into two categories, Trick Truck and Class 1500. Last years winner Steve Olliges returned to defend their TT crown as did COPS Racing crew teaming up with Chase Motorsports. Starting with the Elite 8, teams battled for every tenth of a second to move on to the next round, and as each round went by the competition got more fierce.
In the end only two teams could win the Method Race Wheels Pit Crew Challenge and they were Menzies Motorsports in Trick Truck defeating Strobel Motorsports in the final round, and COPS Racing in Class 1500 who narrowly beat AGM Motorsports. Both teams won a custom floor jack trophy hand painted by Kelly and Sons Crazy Painters, as well as a set of Method Race Wheels, BFG Tires, FOX 2.0 Performance Series Smooth Body IFP shocks, Speed Strap Tie Downs and more.


The 2016 Polaris RZR Mint 400 presented by BFGoodrich Tires kicked off earlier today with tens of thousands of horsepower echoing off the iconic hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

Led by 2016 Mint 400 Grand Marshall Rod Hall in his legendary ‘69 Ford Bronco built by Bill Stroppe, racers in 100 vehicles made the 10-mile trek from the Taylor Made Golf Experience south of the Strip and ended on Fremont Street where all the Mint 400 pre-race festivities go down all this week.

Unique to any other offroad race in the world, The Mint 400 gives racers the chance to drive their vehicles down arguably one of the most famous streets in the United States.


26-year-old Jade Werline, who grew up “racing motocross, shooting guns and stealing my brother’s clothes,” was named Miss Mint 2016 earlier tonight at the conclusion of the annual contest.  Werline, an Oregon native now living in Newport Beach, was crowned by 2015 Miss Mint winner Amy Scott. Werline will receive a $5,000 cash prize, a professional photo shoot and a feature on  Six women competed for the Grand Prize. Werline joins the ranks of former legendary Miss Mints like Vanna White, “Wonder Woman” Lynda Carter, and more recent winners Dani Mathers and Vanessa Golub-Feirara.

Mitch Guthrie Jr – 2016 Production UTV World Champ

Mitch Guthrie Jr, Polaris RZR UTV World Champion - Production Class

Polaris RZR UTV World Championship

Going into the Short Course race after an upset in the Desert race gave me a lot more drive to get the win. I was starting up front in a car that I was much more used to racing, instead of a big bulky desert car I was a little more used to this type of driving, in a lightweight, fast and nimble 2 seater.

The land rush start is something I am very used to doing so I knew I had somewhat of an advantage with that but at the same moment I had some of the fastest UTV drivers in the world lined up next to me.

Mitch Guthrie Jr. racing in the Polaris RZR UTV World Championship Production Class

Boom the race starts and we are off the line. I got a good start and was able to holeshot my competitors and get the lead. This is where the desert race played a key role. The first lap being able to know what the track was like was huge. I was able to get a good fast pace going and gain a pretty solid lead. When I came in the first lap I was told I had around a 45 second lead so I was able to back it down a little bit and save the car.

I eventually started the 3rd lap and knew I had some fast drivers closing in on me. I also knew I had to get gas and didn’t really know what everyone else’s plan was so I really wanted to keep a good gap and have some wiggle room. As we came towards the pits at the end of the 3rd lap Branden Sims was hot on my heels and I knew I had to pick it up as he was racing his desert car and would not have to pit! I pulled in for a splash and go, Branden got by me and it was game on.

Mitch Guthrie Jr. taking the lead off the line at the Polaris RZR UTV World Championship

We started our 4th and final lap and it was all or nothing for me. I had to catch Branden to win that rzr and become the champ and I was going to do everything in my power to do it. The car was on rails and I was giving it everything I had. A couple minutes later I got close and was just getting on his bumper. I knew it was going to be a battle! Right at that moment I smelled a belt and he pulled off to the side he had blown a belt. At this point I knew it was my race, it was on me to keep the car together and make it to the finish line.

Mitch Guthrie Jr. racing to the finish line at the Polaris RZR UTV World Championship

I was able to cruise the last lap and be easy on the car as I got close to the pits which were about a mile from the finish line. Right when I was getting close to the pits I looked at my speedometer and my heart dropped. I was about 2 miles from the finish… on the last lap… and my gas light was blinking…. We were in too big of a hurry and didn’t get enough gas in the car the first time we pitted and I was now almost out. I made an executive decision to pull in and get some gas instead of possibly running out of gas before the finish line. Quick gas and go and I was out, I went the next mile and finished, still in the lead, and now the 2016 World Champ!!!!!

Mitch Guthrie Jr. in the last mile of the Polaris RZR UTV World Championship

Really words can’t describe the feeling, I’m still on cloud 9 after the rough day we had and am just so happy after all of the hard work leading up to this! Thank you to Joey D., Utvunderground, Mad media, and BITD for such an amazing event as well as all of the wonderful sponsors, family, and friends that are apart of what we do…. WE DID IT!!!!

Mitch Guthrie Jr. celebrating his win in the production class of the Polaris RZR UTV World Championship


Jeremiah Staggs Finishes Top 5 at UTV World Championship

Jeremiah Staggs polished up at the Contingency day at Polaris RZR UTV World Championship

Polaris RZR UTV World Championship

After the Parker 250 incident suspended fab would work hard to finish the frame repairs. We sent the arms back to Lone Star Racing to make sure there was no damage. The weekend before the Polaris RZR UTV World Championship (Powered by Monster Energy) I made a final push to get the YXZ back together and ready to race. Working full time, family and race car prep are not easy to juggle. The support from my family means the world to me. The accident cost a great deal of money but more importantly tons of time. The time lost was going to be used getting the shocks set up. Monday we made some springs changes but with no time to test it was a shot in the dark. Monday night we towed the machine to Rhino Wraps in Apple Valley for a makeover. Then it shipped off to Alba for a reflash, exhaust and dyno tune. By Thursday we were headed east on the 40 towards Laughlin for the biggest UTV Race in the world.

Jeremiah Staggs fixed up and ready to race the Polaris RZR UTV World Championships

Friday morning we would go through the long line at registration and then spend 4 hours making our way through tech. This years race had doubled if not tripled in size in just over a year.

Contingency day at Polaris RZR UTV World Championship

Race Day I woke up and my crew started to get some last things done on the car, topping off the car we noticed we had a fuel leak from the filler neck at the fuel cell. We quickly took the car apart and repaired it. I am not a big fan of the dead engine , land rush start. the green flag would drop and of course I made an error and stalled it, trying to stay calm I fired it and took off. As we started in the back section we would already start seeing carnage every where, making the smart decision via my co-driver Brandon Altmann we decided to back off a little and see how things go which ended up being a good call as we approached the first rough straight away we would quickly realize the lack in not being able to test and tune the shocks would quickly become a issue due to the parker 250 incident and repairs. The yamaha did great and had a lot of added power thanks to Alba racing.

Jeremiah Staggs at the Polaris RZR UTV World Championships Jeremiah Staggs getting a thumbs up at the Polaris RZR UTV World Championships

We would make good time on the course but lose any gains in the rough stuff do to the suspension. lap 5 we would pit and the crew did a awesome job looking over the car, giving us splash of fuel and we were off. we would end up having no issues what so ever with the car, not even a flat with my EFX Moto Hammer tires. we maintained a consistent and steady pace every lap, and every lap there would be more carnage and the course would break down and be even rougher in spots, we hit one hole in the course so hard it knocked the wind out of me, in the end we would cross the finish line in 5th position in class out of 50 i think and 13th overall out of 87 total entries. I cant wait to race the mint 400 and get the shocks dialed in on the car for what the roughest offroad race in america has to throw at us.

Jeremiah Staggs on the course at the Contingency day at Polaris RZR UTV World Championship Jeremiah Staggs near the pits at the Polaris RZR UTV World Championships In the pits at the Polaris RZR UTV World Championship

A big thanks to all the sponsors that helped me get here.
Alba Racing . PRP Seats . Yamaha . Lonestar Racing .
Rugged Radios . MSA Wheels . EFX Tires .
STV Motorsports . Factory UTV .
Suspended Fabrication .
Rhino Wraps