Best Harnesses for Kids

best off-road harness for kids

What Are The Best Harnesses For Kids?

Keeping a smaller rider safe can be one of your biggest worries while off-roading, but that’s why PRP off-road harnesses are an essential safety accessory for your kids. 

We have a number of safe harness options with smaller straps for smaller riders, so it’s easy to get them buckled up and ready to go! 

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Our most popular harness! 

The 4.2 auto-latch harness features an automatic buckle instead of a traditional latch and link system that some users find difficult to use. Getting your little one buckled up and ready for off-road adventures is a breeze with this. This harness also comes available in nine color options to match your kid’s style. 

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Want to teach your smaller rider to use a traditional style latch?

If so, the 4.2 Latch and Link Harness may be the perfect harness for you! This harness features the latch and link belt system instead of the auto-latch and has 2″ straps for the shoulder and lap.

Since this harness does not have a 5-point belt between the legs, its fast and easy to get out of. 

Best Harnesses for Kids




A 5.2 Harness is a great way to go one step further when it comes to safety. This harness uses 2″ shoulder and 2″ lap belts to provide ultimate containment while keeping riders comfortable with its smaller straps.  

PRP’s 5.2 Harnesses are fully customizable with plenty of safety and comfort options: 

  • Roller Adjusters on the lap belts 
  • EZ Adjusters on the lap belts 
  • Pull Up EZ Adjusters on the lap belts 
  • Ratcheting Adjuster on the lap belts 
  • Standard shoulder straps or Removable Pads 

When it comes to safety and options, this harness will definitely meet all your needs. 

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Does your smaller rider race? Check out our 5.2 Cam-Lock Harness, packed with advanced PRP technology. 

This harness provides comfort and safety for your off-road rides and the Cam-Lock style buckle releases quickly and easily while keeping the little ones secure. These harnesses can be much faster and easier to use than the traditional latch and link harnesses but have never been that popular off-road – until now!  

PRP’s Cam-Locks feature our exclusive Clean Latch Technology, with dust-resistant seals and rubberized tab ends to prevent dirt and dust from getting in, which are far superior compared to other cam-lock models. Additionally, PRP’s 5.2 Cam-Lock Harnesses include our thick shoulder pads for comfort, which are now removable for faster cleaning! 

These impressive harnesses are SFI-certified and perfect for racing



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