Brad Callahan: WORCS Havasu Race Report – Lake Havasu, AZ

Callahan getting a big jump with the mountain range in the background

WORCS Havasu Race Report, Lake Havasu


Callahan RZR landing on shocksTo start things off I installed my new PRP harness in the car Friday morning before practice. These harnesses are a more comfortable and more supportive than the set I was running previously.

Friday afternoon we were out at the track getting things ready and making sure the car was dialed in. We headed out for the moto practice and I was getting a feel for the track, jumping and testing the suspension to make sure the car would fly straight. I also want to see how the clutch performed at the altitude we were at, and I made a few clutch adjustments.

Next we went back out for the unclassified practice. This is a full course 30 minute practice. Overall the practice went well, but I ended up breaking a wheel. A rock got cought up in-between the caliper and rim. I was also running some front axles that we were trying out from GSP XTV and they didn’t really feel right. I honestly think they were broken on the inside. I ended up swapping them out Friday night with my stock axels that I had for spares. I was able to get a rim from Ray Bulloch, his wife brought it down from their shop in Cedar City, Utah. Because of the Bulloch’s I was able to race on Saturday.

We started to line up Saturday around 2PM. The car felt great, everything seemed to be in line and ready to rip! We took off, and I was in position to have had the hole-shot but I ended up making contact with another driver and my back tire climbed his and it rolled me over. The video is on my Instagram @brad_331_callahan if you want to see it. A bunch of people came running over and put the car back on all fours, I was able to start the car and take off.

Callahan RZR flipped over at beginning of race

There are also a couple other videos on Instagram of me jumping and making a pass in the air. I ran hard all the way through the pack and the classes in front of me, I got into the number 2 position behind Justin Bor who, has been my main competitor in past races. I was about to make the pass coming into the moto section of the course and the car suddenly cut out and shut off, turned the key off, restarted it and took off again. Luckily, I had only lost one position at that point. I was in second place and had passed “#887 Bryant Kirton” . I was behind Justin Bor and, the car unfortunately kept going into limp mode, which resulted in me pulling off the track just after the tabletop jump and not able to finish the race. I’ve gone through the car and found the problem, a grounding issue on the ignition coil. I have parts ordered to fix it, will make the repairs and be out testing this weekend to make sure of a problem free race at canyon MX in a couple weeks…..


Callahan RZR racing through dirt

Gear up and Roll out

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