Casey Simms WORCS Race Report

Casey Simms UTV Race

October 30, 2022 – Primm, NV – The 2022 WORCS season is in the books! I got on the road with my grandparents Thursday afternoon, arrived at Buffalo Bills in Primm, NV that evening, and we turned in for the night. I got checked in at registration on Friday morning, and when the rest of my team arrived, I unloaded my car and got ready for qualifying. Unfortunately, qualifying didn’t go as I had hoped, and I would start P8 for the short course race on Saturday. I made some adjustments on Friday night and felt better going into Saturday’s race.

Casey Sims racing Primm

I helped a few of my RZR 170 buddies on Saturday and then got ready for my race. When it was time, I went to line up. My class had ten cars, and I was starting in P8. We headed onto the course and followed the pace car around the track. As we rounded the last turn, the pace car exited, and the green flag flew. We all took off! I made a quick pass in the first lap and continued to race as fast as possible, paying close attention to the car in front of me. I was patient and calculated my next move as I passed that car, moving me into P6. I could fly through the whoop section, and coming out of the next turn, I made another pass, gaining another position. Then at the halfway mark, seven laps into the race, the pace car made its way back on the track for the mid-race restart. We all bunched back up in line and rounded the course. The green flag flew again, and we all took off! I was determined to keep moving myself up but stayed focused and patient. I could pass three more competitors during the next four laps, moving me into P2. I chased down the leader the last three laps of the race but couldn’t make the final pass. After 14 laps, I crossed the finish line in 2nd place, just one second behind P1. I was stoked with my podium finish!

After the race on Saturday, I got ready for practice on the desert course. I ran a few practice laps and got a good feel for the track. Then, I washed and prepped my car for the round 11 race on Sunday. I watched a few of the races before mine Sunday morning and then headed to the line that afternoon. Because I finished in P2 on Saturday, I was the second car to line up ow. I got ready, and we took off when the green flag flew! I was P2 off the line as we headed out into the desert. I stayed close to the car in front of me and kept a good pace through the dusty track. The second row took off two minutes behind mine, so I knew I had to stay ahead of the clock. As we came through the timing chute heading into lap two, my car was overheating. I pulled into the pits so my crew could figure out what it was. Everything seemed okay, so I took off to make up for my lost time. Shortly after leaving the pits, my car went into limp mode. I tried turning my car off and back on several times and finally got it reset. Coming through the timing chute going into lap 3, I was in P4. During lap 3, I ran the race’s fastest lap and moved into P3 at the corrected time. I ran lap four almost as fast as lap three and moved into P2. Then during lap 5, I blew a belt. I pulled off the course and got out to change it. Unfortunately, my clutch was stuck open, and I could not get it to release. I tried everything, but in the end, the WORCS officials towed me off the course. I was beyond upset after being so close to a podium finish with just 1 ½ laps to go. I did receive 7th place finishing points.

Casey Sims UTV Racing WORCS

I finished the WORCS season with an overall 5th place for the year. This season was full of ups and downs, but my team and I hung in there, and I am proud of what we accomplished. Thanks so much to all these amazing companies and people that support my program: GBC Tires, Elka Suspension, Benchmark Performance, Candle Motorsports, Method Race Wheels, Crow Safety Gear, Polaris RZR, Super ATV, Energy Coil Racing, PRP Seats, Rugged Radios, Maxima Racing Oils, Tireblocks, JAMAR Performance, Race Team Sites, Crown Performance Products, Got Sand Performance, Oceanside Driveline, Dirt Rider Designs, and my parents who make this possible for me! Thanks to WORCS for putting on the series and Harlen Foley for the awesome pictures!

For more information on the Sims188 Racing team, check out their Instagram @csims_188, on Facebook, or visit their website at!