Casey Sims Victorious!

July 19, 2020- Devore, CA- The MORE Racing Hostyle UTV Shootout last weekend was a blast! We heard about the race and quickly made a decision to go, leaving us almost no time to prep. We were able to get the car ready and headed to Glen Helen Raceway on Friday morning. When we arrived at the track, we checked in and then headed to qualifying and tech. We ran one practice lap and then we headed right into our qualifying lap. After the practice lap, I had a good feel for the track and took off to run my qualifying lap! I was stoked when the results came in and I had qualified first!
We had some time to kill before racing that evening, so we grabbed some lunch to eat at the track. One of my competitors had rolled during qualifying, so after lunch, we helped him fix his car so he could race that night. Then, we gave my car one more look before heading to the line that evening.

I raced in the UTV N/A 1000 class, and when it was time, we headed to the line. The UTV Shootout was a two-day event, and the first day, we raced on the Lucas Oil track. The N/A class lined up behind the Turbo class, and we waited for the flag to fly. After the Turbos took off, I got ready to go. 15 seconds after the Turbos went, our flag flew and I hit the gas, got the holeshot, and rounded the first turn. It was a timed, 20-minute race, so I focused and got into a groove quickly. In the first lap, I had passed 3 of the turbo cars and I was chasing down the rest of the pack. I was pushing myself and my car, but I was having a blast on the track! When the checked flag flew and I crossed the finish line, I had passed all but 2 of the turbo cars and came in just seconds behind them. I took home 1st place in my class!
We locked everything up for the night and headed home. On Saturday morning, we headed to the track early for the second race of the weekend. This time we raced on the Glen Helen short course track; a 4-mile loop- 45-minute race. Again, the N/A class lined up behind the Turbo class, and we got ready to go. The Turbos took off and 30 seconds later, our flag flew. As we took off and rounded the Talladega turn, I was second off of the line. I stayed on the car in front of me and about 1 ½ minute into the first lap, I
was able to make a pass taking over the lead in my class. I focused and started chasing down the Turbo class. One-by-one, I passed the Turbos (11 cars in all), and about ¾’s into the race, I was running first in my class and first overall. I was able to maintain my lead for the rest of the race and finished the race in 1st place overall! I was stoked! We are getting ready to race at the GBC Series round 3 this weekend back at Glen Helen Raceway. I am ready to get back in my car!