Chaparral Motorsports Pays A Visit

Chaparral Motorsports was curious what we’re up to in our new building, and decided to pay us a visit. View the full video here: 

“What started out 20 years ago as one of the first companies to make aftermarket seats for the seats for the side-by-side industry, PRP Seats has flourished into a multi-line business selling storage bags, harnesses, and more? When PRP started building seats they were pretty much the only company that offered SXS and UTV owners something other than the standard seat that came in their brand new machine. These days PRP’s American made seats are the first choice many owners look to when they want more comfort or to add some styling to their side-by-side. Actually PRP was the first aftermarket seat company to have their seats come as standard equipment for Polaris’ RZR line. While seats might have put PRP on the map, it’s their storage bags and more notably safety harnesses that have become really popular….” To read the rest of Chaparral’s visit… head here