Different Seats For Different Riders

different seats for different riders


Here at PRP Seats we understand that comfort and functionality are a necessity when selecting the perfect seat for your off-road vehicle of choice. We offer an industry leading fifteen suspension seat options to choose from. We’ve assembled this guide to help you narrow those selections down.


We will address the frequent questions we get about our seats:


  • What are the most comfortable options? 
  • If I’m looking for containment, what seat should I get? 
  • What seats should I be looking at if I am racing? 
  • Should I go extra-wide or extra-tall?
  • Best seat for my little riders?



For maximum comfort in your off-road vehicle, two things come into play when selecting your perfect PRP Seat.  


Lower Side Bolsters 

There are three seats that fit this requirement for a seat being comfortable. PRP Seats already come paired with dual density foam. You can read how our seats are made HERE. If you’re shopping for a UTV, the RST, XCR, and XC are the three best choices to go with that offer lower side bolsters.

Why does that matter?

The seat has open bolsters at the hips and sides that allow for an easier experience getting in and out of your UTV. These seats still have some containment that is perfect for recreational spirited driving that will prevent you from sliding around when the ride gets rough. 





If you’re navigating a Jeep or other off-road vehicle and want those same two requirements for a comfortable suspension seat you can go with the Daily Driver, Enduro High-Back, Summit Elite, or the most popular Enduro Elite.

Worth noting – the Enduro High-Back and Enduro Elite are reclining seats! These two seats raise the bar in comfort with that added feature.  

Want even more comfort, such as heaters and lumbar support?



If you’re looking for containment in your off-road vehicle when shopping for that perfect seat, one thing comes into play. Just because you ask for containment, you will not be sacrificing any comfort due to the dual density foam we use and cushions. 


High Side Bolsters 

If you’re looking for a UTV, you can roll with the GT3, GT/S.E, or High Back suspension seat. These three seats offer the highest bolsters with a snug fit at the hips and sides. These seats are great for those that want to feel secure while riding around and/or those that do some aggressive driving while out on the trails.  

Are you an aggressive crawler or pre-runner owner! We’ve got options that offer the needed high containment. The Comp Pro, Comp Elite, and Podium Elite are the industry leading options to select that will handle any terrain you throw at it.


If you’re racing there is only one choice to go with and that is a full composite fiberglass racing seat. The seats offer the MAXIMUM containment level with an unreal level of feel of your vehicle while the seat keeps you planted in the seat. The first ever seat built for off-road racing is the Alpha Series. The Alpha series comes in extra-wide and a head-containment choice that has been extremely popular since its formal launch in 2016.

In 2020 we elevated the game with the introduction of our FIA-Certified seat line. Although FIA certification is not required for off-road racing we felt that it was a needed offering for our avid racing supporters that require the absolute BEST. The seats in the FIA line-up are the Echo, Tango, and Bravo.  



Looking into the idea of making any of your suspension seats extra wide? When you own a SXS you have one choice: an added one inch extra wide. An extra inch doesn’t sound like much when you say it aloud, but you will notice the difference when it comes to seats! XW option is available only on certain UTV models based on their interiors. 

If you’re looking into an off-road suspension seat, most seats have capabilities to be stretched to two inches extra wide. It is worth noting however that in doing so, the seat may not fit in your vehicle. We always recommend double checking measurements in your interior to ensure proper fitment before ordering.



We can make our off-road seats 2” taller or 4” taller per request on our website. The best way to measure this is to take the measurement of your back to your shoulders. Take this measurement and compare it to the seat measurements on the seat product page you’re referencing. If you realize your torso is taller than the measurements of the seat, we recommend going taller!



You love taking the family out on your off-road experiences too? Is is worth considering getting them their own seat that allows them to be safe alongside you. Before we get too ahead here, we no longer manufacture the “toddler jump seats” for our seats.  

If you’re looking to get your little one a seat in your off-road build, check out the Premier Lite. The Premier Lite is scaled down 2” in all directions in comparison to the standard Premier. This is ideal for those tight back seats where only a little one could get into!  

Another excellent choice is the recently launched GT3 Mini. The GT3 Mini is intended for the new RZR 200, however it does come tabbed, and you can mount it in any off-road vehicle if you’ve got the space for your little one. Mounts for the RZR 200 are sold separately.  


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Perfect For Any UTV or Off-Road Vehicle 

We hope this guide helps you make the best decision when selecting what PRP Seat to go with!

If you need more information, you can also contact us at 951-894-5104 Monday through Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm PST or e-mail us at customerservice@prpseats.com.