PRP Seats Partners with Ultra4 Racing Australia and King of the Hunter

King of the Hunter Logo

PRP Seats—the seat of 2 time King of the Hammers Champion, Randy Slawson; 6-time UTV champion, Mitch Guthrie; and 2015 Every Man Challenge Champion, Brandon Currie—has partnered with Ultra4 Racing Australia for the inaugural King of the Hunter, 25-27 September, 2015.

Witness the launch of ULTRA4 Racing in Australia at the spiritual home of Tuff Truck and the Milbrodale Mountain Classic in New South Wales Hunter Valley. ULTRA4 is unlimited, 4 wheel-drive endurance racing with the marriage of Rock-Sports and off-road racing yielding an absolutely brutal challenge. See them compete for the first time at the Tough Dog King of the Hunter!

With the addition of the “Kingpin Bonus” the total prize pool has grown to over $10,000 ($10,700 actually) making this one of the wealthiest off-road race events in Australia.

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