Why Should You Change Your Stock Seats?

aftermarket vs stock seats

My stock seats work fine, so why would I switch to aftermarket seats? 

Most RZR, Can-Am, and other UTV owners complain about narrow seats, low bolsters, and hard angles. Because their seat is rigid, it absorbs almost no impact from the harsh terrain. 

An essential feature of side-by-side seats is their ability to adjust to different body types while protecting the rider. The added comfort of a suspension seat while keeping your body protected will allow you to enjoy your UTV for longer and stay safe!  

What are the benefits of switching to a Suspension Seat? 

The term “suspension seat” comes from the liner suspended between the steel frame. The liner gives as the occupant moves, preventing constant contact with a solid surface, such as those in stock seats. The suspension liner is vinyl-coated nylon and dual-density foam, which reduces the impact on the body.

In fact, there has been multiple tests done to gauge the effectiveness of suspension seats in a variety of scenarios. In one notable test done by NATO, they measured the effect of a roughly 350 g impact to replicate the slam down of a vehicle. The results were an incredible 84% reduction in energy transferred to the spine of the dummy using a suspension seat.

In another study measuring high speed boat transits, suspension seats were being tested alongside standard, fixed seats for rigid inflatable boats (RIB). In this scenario, completed by testing two pairs of teams through 3 hour transits, they observed transit heart rate and seat pan acceleration for evidence of pain and fatigue caused by the trip. The results – suspension seats effectively maintained post transit running performance by reducing the magnitude of vertical shocks imposed on the passengers, showing that suspension seats were more than twice as effective than the fixed back seats.

Comparing these studies to a real-world application, such as off-roading regularly, it’s easy to see the long-term potential benefits of using an aftermarket suspension seat. 


You can customize the perfect seat for your ride with over 60+ assorted colors and materials along with custom stitching and custom embroidered logos options!

Additional options include a front goggle pocket, a rear storage pocket, water pouches, heated seats, and air lumbar. 


  • 7″ of side containment and a perfect 12° seating angle 
  • Medium to low containment – side bolsters keep you secure in rough terrain but are still easy to get in and out of 
  • Removable seat cushion – makes cleaning easier (select models)   
  • Standard sand and mud drain – prevents fine debris, mud, and water from collecting on the seat 
  • 5th point harness slot – compatible with stock harnesses (select models)
  • Large harness openings for easy seat removal
  • Quick release pull (for RZR)
GTSE Suspension seat by Shreddy PRP


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Perfect For Any UTV or Off-Road Vehicle 

If you’re still riding on stock seats, do yourself a favor and check out what PRP Seats has to offer. Whether you’re looking for UTV seats or off-road seats, you can start by ordering color and fabric samples to perfectly match your vehicle and start showing your style today!