A Finish For Chance!

KOH 2020 we brought our best-prepared car yet to a race. In the offseason we made a ton of upgrades to help ensure a KOH finish.

Of course, time flies during race week and even with all the prep the team and I worked on the car the whole week.  During this time I decided to see if there were any seats in the PRP tent. Since I missed the build cut off I decided what better place to buy and install new seats in the middle of the desert.  4 hrs later the best decision I ever made. So much more comfortable than brand X lol.  So we decided to take a test run. Put in reverse and found out we stripped a drive flange and axle.

The team jumped right to it while I found the new parts.  Luckily it wasn’t much damage and we didn’t have to pull the third member. But we did miss Qualifying Practice during the repair.

With no practice we hit the Qualifying course and had no issues with the car and l was happy to qualify 50th overall.

Finally, race day is here and it was extremely cold.  Learning from the year before how miserable it was above 50 mph I grabbed my PRP windbreaker to wear over my suit. I told my Codog to do the same and what an unbelievable difference they made. 

During the race with all the new parts installed on the racecar, we decided to stop every chance possible.  With the goal of just finishing faster than last year and successfully dropping the backdoor 2 times.  I have never gone done the backdoor until race day lol.  In the end we accomplished every goal set and actually went beyond many. With a 17th in class finish 24th overall in 8hrs 36min and 55 seconds.