Adrian Orellana of Rancho Racing takes SECOND in Baja 500

Adrian Orellana on his way to a second place finish in the Baja 500

Congratulations, Adrian! Second place in the Pro UTV class of the 2017 Baja 500 is a huge accomplishment!

“Coming into Baja we had some bad luck prerunning and wrecked my buddy’s was just a bad day in Baja for me. With that, we only ran 60 miles of the 516-mile course so needless to say we were going in blind.

We drew 4th out of 15 cars and felt confident we could make something happen car felt great and strong! Starting the race, we quickly saw that we would have our hands full keeping up with people who pre-ran the course but knew Baja is rough on fast pace cars! I was soloing the race so I knew my pace had to be solid! To sit in a vehicle for 500 miles and 16+ hours is one thing but to do it in a race and to finish top 3 is totally different! Only one way I could have lasted that long in a seat…PRP! Thank you guys so much for believing in me and MY program!

We knew we just had to keep moving no stopping. We hit the mid-way point and saw we were 2nd and 1st had me 22mins behind him. We closed the gap and got the lead by race mile 400 but killed the car doing it. We decided to let off just a bit to get a strong finish and battled with the 2nd place car for a bit. He eventually got the pass and beat us by just under 7 mins. We are pumped about our performance and Team efforts and know we couldn’t be here without our sponsors. PRP personally took a chance with us and I will be forever grateful. Thank You for making the most comfortable and durable seat in the game!!!”

Rancho Racing's XP 1000 Best in the Desert Car

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