Pro Rock Round 2 For Mueller

Pre ran the 7+ mile track on Friday and it was very apparent “survival” was going to live up to its name. Nearly the whole track was a rock. From small pebbles to 4-5-6+ inch rocks 😳 So it wasn’t looking good right out of the gate. I qualified 12th Friday night with a little brake trouble. I went into the first turn with a little fade and on the second turn, they went right to the floor. I started pumping and got them back, but it was a little late and I almost blew over the berm in the turn. To make matters worse the qualifying track wasn’t exactly well defined leading to confusion for some drivers and cutting the track. So some drivers got lucky on their qualifying time as they let them go. My qualifying spot put me on row 3 of 4 cars wide for the race. I never was able to find a problem with the brakes that night, and I had just put new pads on just a couple days before the race and everything was fine then so decided to run them as is.

I knew it was going to be a huge dust problem during the race as well, so I knew I had to pull holeshot in my row to be in clean air. I was able to pull the holeshot on row 3 and hold it for over half the race. With brake trouble in qualifying, all the rocks, and the promoter told us in the driver’s meeting that only like 3 cars finished this race last year, I put myself in cruise control mode and just paced myself once I got out front of row 3. I was able to make a couple passes, and just ran my pace and pulled off a 7th place finish in pro class!