PRP Seats Core Values

PRP Seats Core Values Poster

Over the past several years, PRP Seats has experienced incredible growth. So much that we have earned position 765 on the 2015 Inc. 5000; a list of the 5000 fastest growing companies in the US. We could not have achieved this without the group of dedicated and hard working individuals we have today. These individuals have worked long days and weekends in a constantly changing environment. Through new buildings, new hires, new machinery, new products, and constant surprises, our PRP family has built a market leader with an excellent reputation. To keep us on this upward path, we have worked to develop a list of core values with the intent of guiding us as we continue to grow. These core values will define our culture, our brand, and our future strategy. They will help to keep all of us on the same page by defining clear expectations. All employees—current and new—will be expected to reflect these values when interacting with each other, vendors, and customers. We don’t expect perfection, just a commitment to improving. As we continue to grow, the way we do things may change but our core values should always direct how we do them.

The first draft of our core values is below. We’ve tried to keep them simple and there may be some adjustments before we set them in stone (we welcome everyone’s feedback), but we believe these values reflect PRP Seats, not just as we are, but also as we want to be.

    1. Be the Best.
      We want the best people, processes, and products we can possibly produce. Being the best requires constant change. We don’t want to do things the way they have always been done. Ask yourself, “Is this the best I can do? Is this the best product I can produce? What more can I do?” Remember, the VCR used to be the best. “The Best” is a moving target and we must continually change and keep the competition guessing.
    2. Be Family Friendly.
      We are a family building products that help families have fun together. We care about and celebrate those families and ours. Families stick together, stand up for each other, and share responsibility. Families are also diverse, sometimes crazy and often a little weird. We embrace those differences as they help make us better.
    3. Have Fun.
      Our family works together as a team to provide a custom product with a quick turnaround and we should have fun doing it. In and out of the office. If we can’t have fun making “toys” we’re doing something wrong. We should never take ourselves too seriously.
    4. Listen to customers and employees.
      Customer requests and insights drive our products. We’re never too busy to take a call or hear a customer out. We strive to understand and see things from the customer’s point of view. No customer leaves unhappy; we listen with the intent of understanding the “real” issue and do whatever it takes to make them happy.Employee’s ideas drive our efficiency and production. We hire people who have the ability to teach us something and make us better. Everyone at PRP Seats has the potential to better themselves and those around them.
    5. Communicate clearly and honestly.
      Be Clear! Be Honest! Set the Customers’ expectations and be sure we can over-deliver. Be clear with your coworkers and management about your capabilities and what you need to get the job done. Good communication builds trust, better relationships, and the ability to accomplish more than you can do on your own. If something goes wrong or you make a mistake, alert your customer, co-worker or manager immediately. Take personal responsibility and do your best to make it right. People often don’t care who made the mistake or why, just that it is getting fixed.
    6. Be Humble.
      No matter how big or popular we get, we will always have the understanding we did not get there by ourselves. A lot of people and companies helped us. We treat them all with respect and humility. We celebrate successes and accomplishments with excitement, not arrogance.

Ideally, everything we do at PRP Seats should reflect our core values. While we’re not perfect, we strive to be better and we encourage everyone to do the same. Doors are open and we’re here to listen. If you have a constructive idea or a way to make PRP Seats better we encourage you to approach whoever you feel is necessary.