Hey everyone, Justin, with PRP here to go over the top 10 must-have UTV modifications! If you just purchased a UTV or are new to the sport, this is what we feel like the top upgrades are! These upgrades are in no order for us but are essential products to consider!

First up is an SSV Works Stereo System! If you like rocking out to music while riding, one of their stereo packages is an excellent upgrade to any UTV. One of the coolest options is you can choose the color grille you want. You can choose from Grey, Red, White, or for a small fee, you can get green or blue! No matter what brand or year your UTV is, they make a stereo for it!

Top UTV mods

Next up is a Radio from none other than Rugged Radios! It’s the best way to communicate when you’re on long rides with your friends and family. The radios have a range of up to 30 miles, which can come in handy if you get yourself in a sticky situation. Another benefit is you also listen to music in your headset when you connect your phone via Bluetooth!

Radio for your UTV

If you drive aggressively, you’ll need some lightweight, but heavy-duty wheels. Method Race Wheels is the first place to look when thinking about upgrading. With multiple colors and designs to choose from, it’s a no-brainer! Wheels, in general, are arguably the most significant “looks” improvement for anyone.

The best UTV modifications

As most of you already know, the stock seats in UTV’s are unbearable. An upgrade is needed immediately for improved back support, driving confidence, and cushioning. Whether you’re looking to race, drive hard, or just cruise, we have a seat for your UTV. We here at PRP feature the most models, the best designs, and the ultimate cushion for the ride. We also have the most color/fabric options in the industry to truly Make it Yours! Along with that, you can NEVER go wrong with updating your harnesses to ensure you’re locked in on those rides! Safety is always first!

GT3 Best UTV Suspension Seat

Comfort seems to be a trend here. Wheels, seats, and now upgraded suspension from Eibach Springs! Eibach offers 3 stages of springs designed for everything from entry-level UTV’s to fully modified ones! Stage 2 & 3 even come with an adjustable lockout collar which allows for fine-tuning of the transition point of the dual spring setup—for a plush ride over rough terrain and the higher additional rate to prevent bottoming out.

UTV Suspension from Eibach Springs

Who doesn’t like to see more? The LED Kits from Baja Designs are an absolute must! Adding on one of their hood scoop light bars, roof bars, headlights, or roof kits is the best way to improve visibility. Night riding with any of their LED lights will never be the same. You will be able to see, and people will be able to see you, which increases your safety while tearing it up in the desert!

LED Light Kits for UTVs by Baja Designs

Turn it up a notch with a Trinity Exhaust system! Increase performance and sound with one of their exhaust setups. Trinity’s RZR 1000 XP exhaust comes in brushed, black, and cerakote black featuring 304 stainless steel that’s tig welded! This is a high quality all business exhaust to take your UTV to the next level. Don’t worry; they make an exhaust for nearly every UTV too.

Mod your UTV with a Trinity Exhaust System

Do you constantly bottom out while driving your UTV? Are you an aggressive driver? Protection products from Factory UTV would do the trick. They manufacture bottom skid plates, A-arm protectors, door inserts, rock sliders, and even bumpers! If you need something to help protect your investment of your UTV, this is the place.

Skit plates from Factory UTV

Chances are if you drive aggressively, you’ve blown a tire or two for the entry-level UTV owner. Tires may not be on your first list of items to upgrade, but worth considering! Tensor Tire makes a high-quality tire improving ride comfort while being super light and incredibly tough. Best part? These tires are made in the U.S.A! Can shop here:

Tensor UTV Tires

When thinking about running your UTV hard and efficiently, one upgrade that will change that is an air filter from S&B Air Filters. We talked with our own Maddie Wedeking here at PRP on this one, and she swears by it when she races. She gathers quite a bit of dust in the intake, but with the S&B filter, her RZR does not skip a beat no matter how much dirt gets thrown at her.

S&B Air Filters for your UTV