The Top 10 Upgrades and Mods for Toyota Tacoma

best upgrades and mods for Tacoma


The fun part of building a Tacoma is that you can go in a few directions as far as upgrades go. Whether you want a fun weekend warrior ride or the ultimate overlander vehicle, the Tacoma can be anything you need it to be with a few mods.

Let’s take a look and see what the most popular upgrades are to give you a better idea of your modded Tacoma options!  

Here are our top 10 picks for modifications to your Toyota Tacoma:


Wheels and tires are our first must-have mod. For these, you must decide what size wheel you want. Most people choose 33″ tires with 17″ wheels. It is probably best to get a 17″ wheel if you plan to do a lot of off-roading and are looking for both off-road performance and style; however, if you like the size and look of a big rim, a 20″ wheel may be a better choice. 

Toyota Tacoma Tires and WheelsChoosing an all-terrain or mud-terrain tire will be your next decision regarding tires. You’ll see mud-terrain tires looking more aggressive, but they’ll generate a lot more road noise and won’t last as long when driven on highways.

The all-terrain tire is less aggressive in appearance but more versatile, has less road noise, and will last you much longer than any aggressive tire. 


The next must-have mod for anybody wanting to modify their Tacoma is going to be acquiring a bit more ride height. For this, we’re going to be looking at leveling kits and full lift kits as potential Tacoma suspension upgrades, depending on what you’re looking to do.

Toyota Tacoma Suspension Upgrade


At stock height, the Tacoma has a nose-down rake. By leveling the front and rear ends of your truck with the Rough Country 2-inch Leveling Kit, you can improve the appearance of your truck. Additionally, this anodized red kit increases the front ground clearance and allows for 31-inch tires to be installed.

Lastly, this type of Tacoma suspension kit does not alter the ride quality, which tends to makes driving more comfortable for most compared to a lift kit.

Lift Kit for Tacoma


On the other end of the spectrum, a suspension upgrade like the Fabtech Performance Kit can provide higher performance without breaking the bank.

This 6″ lift will allow you to fit 35″ tires and includes Dirt Logic 2.5 coilover shock replacements along with their 1/4″ thick steel crossmembers which will offer much better off-road performance to handle almost anything you throw at it


Want a new customized upgrade for your seats without replacing the whole seat?  

PRP’s Front Seat Covers for the Tacoma bring a new look to your interior. These covers have been expertly crafted to fit perfectly over your factory front seats, providing an OEM fit and finish.  

Toyota Tacoma seat covers

Made from durable marine-grade vinyl, they can handle the abuse of both on and off-road environments. PRP’s Tacoma seat covers install over your stock upholstery easily and are side-impact airbag compatible to make sure that you don’t have to compromise safety for a more stylish and protected interior.


When you want to treat your truck like a truck, the stock bumper covers will not last. Off-road replacement bumpers allow multiple light mount configurations, skid plates, or a winch. 

best bumpers for Toyota Tacoma

The ADD Off-Road Stealth Fighter Bumper has everything you need, and you can leave off everything you don’t need. There are two winch options, seven center light options, and five side light options.  

5. Keep an Air Compressor

A good air compressor can help you inflate and deflate your tires for off-road riding.  

air compressor upgrade for Tacoma

VIAIR’s heavy duty portable tire inflators can be used on any vehicle with a 12v battery source and are designed for tires ranging from 33″ to 42″ diameter. 

6. Regearing/Tacoma Performance UPGRADES

Regearing kits, such as the regearing kits by NITROGEAR, have many benefits and have been proven to be an effective enhancement to the vehicle’s performance, as well as the driver’s and passenger’s driving and riding experiences.

With this mod, you can add more weight to your truck and maintain decent gas mileage. It makes the truck run smoother and almost eliminates the gear hunting that Tacoma’s are notorious for.

regearing Tacoma performance upgrades

If you are running a 33″ tire or a 35″ tire, you should consider re-gearing your Tacoma. If you do a lot of off-roading, then you are probably going to want to re-gear right away 

7. Tacoma Lighting Upgrades

Ditch lights for the Tacoma can be a lifesaver at night if you’re going off-road. They light up the sides of the road to, as the name implies, see any potential ditches or other hazards. Plus, they look awesome! 

Tacoma Lights Upgrade

Baja Designs offers plenty of ditch light options along with plenty of other lighting upgrades that will light up your road and turn some heads. 

8. Upgrade Your Tacoma’s Grille

If you love the Tacoma TRD Pro grilles but did not purchase the TRD Pro, you’re in luck! You can buy the grill separately and install it yourself. Installation is super easy, too. 

best Tacoma grille upgrade

9. Roof Rack Tacoma Mods

Prinsu roof racks not only look great, but they also offer lots of extra storage space for kayaks, portable shower systems, or whatever else you might need. 

Tacoma roof rack upgrade


Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT) will pop up repeatedly in your rooftop tent searches (no pun intended). They make outdoor tent units that range from $1,000 to nearly $3,000 and are among the favorite Tacoma camping mods of most avid truck adventurers.

Whether you need a two-person or four-plus-person tent, Cascadia has got you covered. CVT also has rental tents, a massive plus for occasional outdoor explorers.

rooftop tent for Tacoma

Image credit: Trail Tacoma @trail4r


While there are plenty of other types of mods available for the Toyota Tacoma, we think that these 10 are the most essential upgrades for off-roading and provide a great start for hitting the dirt and dunes with the best Tacoma mods available.

If you need any help deciding on Tacoma mods or have any questions about our Tacoma seat covers and off-road gear, give us a call at 1.800.317.6253 or email us anytime at and we’ll be happy to help out!



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