MultiCam Is Now Available At PRP

best color for suspension seats multicam camo


Designed to look like camouflage patterns, this material enhances the look of your seats while blending into any environment! In your new Multicam seats, you can only hope that your family and friends will still be able to find you.   

The MultiCam material is now available in five different colors! 


Through the MultiCam® pattern, a person’s near-IR and visual signature can be reduced across a variety of environmental conditions. In 2010, the US Army adopted this pattern as the official pattern for all Afghanistan operations after this pattern was successfully evaluated and proven in combat. 

multicam camo colors for seats


The MultiCam Arid™ is developed exclusively for desert environments with open sand and rock. Perfect for blending into the desert while riding!

MultiCam Is Now Available At PRP


The MultiCam Tropic™ pattern was specifically to resemble dense jungle environments.

Multicam Tropic colors for seats


The MultiCam Alpine™ pattern was developed to effectively reduce the visual of a person operating in snow-covered environments.  

Multicam alpine for light colored seats


The MultiCam Black™ pattern is designed to meet the unique needs of law enforcement. It is designed to complement an officer’s existing equipment and present a sharp, professional image for top-tier law enforcement units.

multicam black colors for dark off-road vehicles


Don’t forget to try one of our 3 new stitching options: Bronze, Teal, and Gold! These new colors will look great on your next set of custom UTV seats, so make sure to give them a look!

Have Questions?

If you want to get started designing some custom seats, we usually recommend trying some color and fabric samples first to get an exact color match. If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 1.800.317.6253 or email us anytime at!



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