PRP Seats Takes On HighLifter Mud Nationals

Well, we survived our very first HighlIfter Mud Nationals, and what a trip it was. We’d like to thank the whole HighLifter team for inviting us out there and for hosting an amazing event. Big shoutout to our friends at HCR Racing out in Utah for bringing their lifted UTV’s and showing us around. You guys truly made the trip!

Who knew playing around in the mud could be so much fun!? As most of you know we primarily play around in the rocks, sand, and dirt over here on the West Coast. In the south, it’s MUD! The south knows how to party and Hillarosa ATV Park was the destination. People drove from all over the country to attend this huge mudding event and put their vehicles through the test. Everyone was incredibly nice and if you got stuck out there in the mud they were swift to pull you out. There were several people that got so stuck they broke axles and had even wheels fall off! The vehicles ranged from all manufacturers and models and almost ALL were custom in some way.

Photo belongs to Maddie W.

The mudding community knows how to party and to party with style. Every serious UTV(or bike as they would say) had a loud sound system, tall tires, flashy wheels, shiny paint, and bright lights. Even with all of these upgrades, they send their vehicles right into the mud pits for an unrelenting challenge to unearth themselves out of the mud!

Photo belongs to HighLifter

These two UTV’s (pictured above) were some of the tallest out there and they were ready to conquer the bounty hole! The bounty hole is a series of deep holes all at different depths that will truly bury those that are not tall enough to escape. (See photo below) The carnage is unreal with mud and water flying up in every direction. It’s impossible to leave this place without being covered head to toe in mud. If you’re not covered in mud, you’re simply just not having fun.

Photo belongs to HighLifter
Tipped over in the bounty hole! Photo belongs to HighLifter

If you’ve thought about going to Mud Nationals or just are looking for a different experience I highly suggest you make the trip. Myself having never seen anything like this, it was an absolute treat to see everyone’s excitement about mudding. It’s a whole different type of off-road we’ve ever experienced here on the West Coast and we WILL be back for 2022. Who thinks we should bring Bruce?