Top 10 Best Can-Am Commander Upgrades

Best Can-Am Commander Upgrades


The Can-Am Commander is a popular Utility Terrain Vehicle for its power and performance. If you’re looking to upgrade your UTV, there are plenty of aftermarket mods available to enhance its capabilities.  

We’ve put together a Top 10 List to take your Can-Am Commander to the next level with these aftermarket mods! We’ve got the inside scoop on all the best brands and products to upgrade your Can-Am UTV and make it stand out on the trails. From seat and harness upgrades to lighting and audio systems, we’ve covered it all! 

Commander Suspension Mod Kits

Lift kits are a popular modification for UTVs, and the Can-Am Commander is no exception. A lift kit can give your Commander higher ground clearance, allowing it to easily tackle rougher terrain. Some of the top lift kit brands for the Commander include SuperATV and Shock Therapy.

Shock Therapy Can-Am Commander Suspension Kit

One popular product is the SuperATV 2″ Lift Kit. This kit is designed to give your Commander more clearance without sacrificing stability or ride quality. It’s made of heavy-duty materials and comes with all the necessary hardware for easy installation. 

Shock Therapy has a range of products designed to improve your UTV’s handling and performance. Their dual-rate spring kit is a popular upgrade, featuring a custom-tuned set of springs that supply a smooth ride on any terrain. The kit includes adjustable crossover rings for fine-tuning the suspension and new spring retainers for added safety. If you’re looking for even more adjustability, Shock Therapy’s stage 3 kit includes adjustable shocks that allow you to dial in the suspension to your exact preferences.  


Upgrading your Commander’s tires and wheels can improve its performance and appearance. There are many different tire and wheel options available for the Commander, ranging from all-terrain to mud-specific tires.

Can-Am Wheel and Tire Upgrades

One top brand for Commander tires is Maxxis. Their Bighorn 2.0 tire is a popular choice for off-roading, with its aggressive tread pattern and durable construction.  

For wheels, many Commander owners opt for the stylish and durable options from Method Race Wheels. Their popular 401 and 409 models are great options for the Can-Am Commander, featuring a stylish design and lightweight construction. The 401 model is available in several finishes, including matte black, bronze, and titanium, while the 409 model is available in matte black and machined finishes. Both models are built to withstand the rigors of off-road use, with a reinforced lip and a hub-centric design that ensures a perfect fit. 


Transform your Can-Am Commander with PRP Seats’ premium aftermarket seats, harnesses, and storage bags, highly sought after for their exceptional functionality and practicality.

Off-Road Seats for Can-Am Commander

Enjoy unparalleled comfort on rough terrains with our meticulously engineered suspension seats, featuring the popular XCR seat for Can-Am Side by Sides.  

Ensure safety with our range of harness systems, including the best-selling 4.2 automotive style latch harness.  

Optimize storage capacity with the innovative overhead storage bag.  


An aftermarket exhaust system can give your Commander a boost in performance and sound. The right exhaust system can increase horsepower and torque and give your UTV a more aggressive growl.

Exhaust Upgrades for Can-Am Commander

One top brand for Commander exhaust systems is HMF Engineering. Their Swamp XL Series Slip-On Exhaust is designed specifically for the Commander and features a high-performance muffler with a deep, throaty sound. 


A winch is a must-have accessory for any serious off-roader, and the Can-Am Commander is no exception. A winch can help you out of tough spots, such as getting stuck in mud or navigating steep inclines. 

Top 10 Best Can-Am Commander Upgrades

One top brand for Commander winches is Warn Industries. Their VRX 4500 winch is designed for UTVs and features a waterproof design and a synthetic rope for added durability. 


Upgrading your Commander’s lighting can improve visibility and safety when off-roading at night. There are many different types of lights available, including light bars, spotlights, and floodlights.

Top 10 Best Can-Am Commander Upgrades

One top brand for Commander lighting is Baja Designs. Their OnX6 LED light bar is a popular choice for off-roading, with its powerful output and durable construction. 


A skid plate can protect your Commander’s undercarriage from rocks and other debris when off-roading. Aftermarket skid plates are typically made from heavy-duty materials and designed to fit the Commander’s chassis perfectly. 

Factory UTV UHMW Skid Plate for Can-Am Commander

Protect your Can-Am Commander’s undercarriage with a skid plate from Factory UTV. Their UHMW skid plates are made from ultra-high molecular weight plastic, supplying superior protection in a lightweight material. The skid plate is custom fit for the Can-Am Commander and includes all necessary hardware for easy installation 


A performance tuner can improve your Commander’s horsepower, torque, and fuel.

Top 10 Best Can-Am Commander Upgrades

One top brand for Commander performance tuners is Dynojet. Their Power Vision 3 Tuner is designed specifically for the Commander and features a user-friendly interface for easy tuning adjustments. With the Power Vision 3, you can adjust everything from fuel injection to ignition timing to get the most out of your UTV. 


Adding doors and windshields to your Commander is added protection from the elements and can improve your comfort during rides. Many options are available, including full doors, half doors, and flip-up windshields.

dragonfire Can-Am Door Kit

One top brand for Commander doors and windshields is UTV Windshields and Accessories. Their full doors and windshields are made from high-quality materials designed to fit the Commander’s chassis perfectly. 

Dragonfire Racing Offers doors that are made from high-quality materials like aluminum and steel, supplying durable protection against the elements and potential hazards on the trail. Dragonfire Racing provides a wide selection of door options, including both half and full doors that come in various styles and feature sets to cater to different preferences and budget constraints. 


There are many aftermarket mods available for the Can-Am Commander, ranging from lift kits and tires to exhaust systems and audio systems. By choosing the right modifications for your needs and preferences, you can enhance your Commander’s performance, appearance, and overall driving experience. 


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