Top 11 Polaris RZR Upgrades for PRO R and Turbo R

Best Mods and Upgrades for Polaris PRO R Turbo R UTV


The Polaris RZR is a high-performance SXS or side-by-side vehicle designed to provide an exhilarating off-road experience. Since the release of the RZR Turbo R and Pro R, Polaris has continued to push the boundaries of off-road performance.

These two models are the newest and hottest in the RZR lineup, and they both have plenty of customization and modification potential 

PRP’s Top 11 Polaris RZR Pro R and Turbo R mods can help you improve your vehicle’s appearance, comfort and performance making it even more capable off-road.

Weistec Turbo Kit for RZR UTV


The Polaris RZR Pro R features a highly competent 2.0L engine that delivers impressive power even in its factory stock form. However, for those of us seeking even greater performance, there are options available.  

Weistec Stage 1 Turbo Kit

This RZR Turbo Kit offers an OEM-like fit and quality, along with easy customization, making it an ideal turn-key solution for turbocharging enthusiasts. The Weistec Stage 1 Turbo Kit for the Polaris RZR Pro R includes a cast stainless steel manifold with a V-band connection to a GT2860RS turbo delivering up to 350hp. A GTX2860RS Gen2 turbo, rated at 450hp, is also available. Both turbo options feature an internal wastegate with a V-band outlet for the 304SS downpipe, which includes a flex section and flange for compatibility with most muffler systems. That’s some serious power! 

Shock Therapy Suspension


The RZR Pro R and Turbo R come with impressive suspension systems from the factory, but upgrading to a performance suspension kit can help take your vehicle’s off-road capabilities to the next level. A good suspension kit will supply more ground clearance, better handling, and a smoother ride. Some of the most popular suspension kits for the RZR Pro R and Turbo R include the Shock Therapy Stage and King Off-Road.

Shock Therapy 

Shock Therapy components on an RZR Pro R and Turbo R can significantly enhance the vehicle’s overall performance, delivering smoother rides, improved handling, and better control over bumps and rough terrain, thanks to their advanced engineering and high-quality materials.  

Shock Therapy’s RZR Pro R Ride-Improvement System (RIS)

Available in both stage 1 and stage 2 configurations. Shock Therapy’s internal valving is custom-tailored for you, depending on riding style and terrain. 

Shock Therapy Dual Rate Spring Kit

This kit includes custom-tuned springs that improve the ride quality and handling over a wide range of terrain. The kit consists of front and rear springs and a set of crossover rings.  

Shock Therapy Ultimate Tie Rod Kit

Not only are their tie rods stronger than the factory, but they also come with patented BSD (bump steer delete) Pin Kit, which eliminates the factory ball joint and tapered pin. Designed to correct steering geometry, this kit effectively eliminates bump steer while increasing strength.

Shock Therapy Limit Strap Kit

As most people know, at full extension the shocks can make a loud clunk that feels like a hammer against the chassis. If you run aftermarket, heavier wheels, and tires this clunk gets much worse. Although the shocks have extension stops internally, they are tuned to the factory wheel and tire weight and can’t manage any changes in the system so a front-end clunk has become the new NORMAL in UTV’s. Well, not anymore. Their new limit strap kit stops the front-end clunk instantly. 


King Off-Road Racing Shocks 

The King Offroad Suspension performance upgrade is an excellent choice for enhancing the ride and handling of your RZR on rough terrain ride height. A 3.0″ diameter shock body increases fluid capacity for smoother, cooler running shocks.

Tire upgrades for RZR


Tires are one of the most critical components of any off-road vehicle, and the RZR Pro R and Turbo R are no exception. Upgrading to a set of high-performance tires can create better traction, handling, and overall performance on all types of terrain. Some popular tire options include Maxxis and EFX Tires 

Maxxis Bighorn 2.0

This tire for the PRO R and Turbo R offers excellent traction and durability on a wide range of surfaces. With an aggressive tread pattern and large, widely spaced lugs, the Bighorn 2.0 provides an excellent grip in loose terrain. 

EFX MotoHammer

The EFX MotoHammer tire is designed for ultimate off-road performance with its unique tread pattern that provides excellent traction in any terrain. It has a 8-ply radial construction for superior durability and is available in various sizes.

Tire upgrades for RZR


Method 401-R

The Method 401-R is a more aggressive version of the classic 401 wheel. It features a beadlock design that helps keep the tire in place during off-road use. This wheel is popular among RZR owners who want maximum traction and control. 

Metal FX Wheels

If you’re interested in Metal FX Wheels, the MFX3 is a popular choice among RZR Pro R/Turbo R owners due to its sleek, aggressive design and durable construction. It features a cast aluminum construction and is available in various finishes, including black, machined, and chrome. 

Baja Designs Lights for RZR


Adding an LED light bar to your RZR Pro R or Turbo R can help you see better in low-light conditions and make your vehicle more visible to others on the trail. LED light bars are also more durable than traditional halogen lights and use less power. The most popular LED light bar options for the RZR Pro R and Turbo R from Baja Designs are: 

Baja Designs OnX6

The OnX6 is a powerful LED light bar that is a favorite choice among RZR Turbo R/Pro R owners. It features Baja Design’s exclusive High-Speed Spot reflectors that supply a long-distance beam pattern for maximum visibility. The OnX6 is available in several different sizes and configurations, allowing you to choose the perfect lighting setup for your specific needs. 

Baja Designs Squadron

The Squadron features a compact design that makes it easy to mount in a variety of locations on your vehicle. It is available in several different beam patterns, including Spot, Flood, and Combo, allowing you to choose the best lighting choice for your specific needs. 

Baja Designs RTL

The RTL is a popular Baja Designs light for RZR Turbo R and Pro R owners who want a rear-facing light bar. It features a compact design that mounts to your vehicle’s roll cage and provides powerful rear-facing lighting for increased visibility. 

Top 11 Polaris RZR Upgrades for PRO R and Turbo R


Adding PRP Seats storage bags on a RZR Pro R or Turbo R is beneficial because it supplies added storage capacity, protects gear from the elements, and improves organization to enhance your comfort during off-road adventures. You can even choose a custom option and Make it Yours with over 40+ colors of water-resistant Marine grade vinyl to choose from!   

PRP RZR Pro Door Bags

Protect your knees and add storage to your factory doors with PRP’s Front Door Bags with Knee Pads for Polaris RZR. These bags are compatible with Polaris Pro R, and Turbo R stock doors and are great for holding onto the extra items you need while you ride. 

PRP’s Overhead Bag

This overhead bag supplies tons of much-needed storage for your RZR. Storage in an underutilized spot, the Overhead bag is designed to fit on the stock cage above the driver and passenger seats. 

Polaris RZR Aftermarket Doors


LSK Suspension PRO R and Turbo R Doors

LSK Suspension is a well-known brand among off-road enthusiasts, and they offer several aftermarket parts for the Polaris RZR Turbo R and Pro R, including top of the line aftermarket doors. These doors are constructed of a 1″ OD Steel Tubular Frame with a .06″ Aluminum bolton skin.

They are designed to offer full opening coverage and are robust enough to keep unwanted debris out of the rider’s seating area. The gas strut on all doors helps keep the door moving smoothly and restricts the final open position, making these doors the perfect fit for all your needs. 



With PRP RZR seats, long off-road trips are much more comfortable and supportive than traditional seats. A long day in the dirt or dunes will be less tiring because your back and body will be less fatigued thanks to the vinyl-coated nylon suspension liner and dual-density foam. PRP seats also offer complete customization to match your RZR perfectly! 

The GT3 keeps you contained and comfortable with 7″ of containment and a perfect 12° seating angle. Features include a removable seat cushion, a 5th-point harness slot, and modern styling. More bands allow you to customize the colors and materials of your seat more than ever! 

The XCR features side bolsters towards the front, giving you some containment for when the ride gets rough. With the XCR, you can still use OEM 3-point seat belts or a retractable harness with the seat’s open hip bolsters. The low sides on the XCR make it much easier to enter and exit the vehicle and tighten lap belts. The removable seat cushion adds comfort on long rides and makes it easy to wash mud, sand, and water through the mesh drain, and adds a fifth point for harnesses. The XCR is perfect for trail riding or getting in and out on rides. 

Want to know what seat is best for you? Check out our post “Different Seats for Different Riders“.

Top 11 Polaris RZR Upgrades for PRO R and Turbo R


You’ll need to see what’s behind you to stay safe while riding. Choose from several popular mirror options for the RZR Pro R and Turbo R from Axia Alloys.  

Axia Alloys 5″ Convex Side Mirror

Featuring a 5″ convex lens, this mirror provides a wide field of view, making it easier to see behind you. 

Axia Alloys 9″ Panoramic Rearview Mirror

A large 9″ panoramic lens gives you a great view behind you.  

Axia Alloys 17″ Panoramic Rearview Mirror

With its 17″ panoramic lens, you’re sure to see what’s behind you.  

5.3 Harnesses for UTV Off-Roading


Switching from stock harnesses to PRP Seats racing harnesses for a RZR Pro R and Turbo R can supply better safety and security during off-road driving. With a PRP Harness, you will get improved adjustability, increased durability, and higher quality materials than with a factory seat belt. 

4.2 Auto Style Latch Harness   

The 4.2 Auto 4-point harness with 2” belts supply excellent comfort and safety for off-road vehicles. Sewn-in shoulder pads prevent neck chaffing and add extra comfort, especially on longer rides. A quick and easy-release latch is built into the lap belt of the 4.2, which makes it easy for anyone to use!

5.2 Cam Lock Harness   

5.2 Cam-Lock Harnesses ensure comfort and safety for your on and off-road rides. With the Cam-Lock style buckle, you can release the belt quickly and easily. PRP Cam-Locks feature our exclusive CleanLatch Technology with a dust boot and rubberized tabs to keep dirt and dust out of the lock. Cam Locks make it easy to fasten your belts, even dirty or muddy. EZ adjusters on the shoulders and lap belts make it a snap to get the right fit. The 5.2 Cam Lock is our SFI 16.1 certified racing harness.   

For more information about our harnesses and SFI Certification , visit our “What Harness Do I Need?” or read on about SFI Certifications!


Original price was: $443.96.Current price is: $409.99.


radio for RZR


Rugged Radios

A rugged radio is a smart choice for those who enjoy off-road driving. When exploring the great outdoors, you need a communication tool to help you stay safe, informed, and entertained.  

Polaris RZR Turbo R, and RZR Pro R STX STEREO Complete UTV Communication Kit

This Complete Kit features their STX Stereo Intercom

Allows you to talk to passengers without yelling, directly through the headsets or helmet kits. Just start talking and the auto music-dimming attenuates your music, making conversation easy. Easily pair your phone or device using the enhanced Bluetooth to stream music and to answer phone calls all through your headsets or helmet kits.



Although there are plenty of other types of upgrades for the RZR Pro R AND Turbo R, these eleven upgrades will get you ready to hit the dirt and dunes with no worries! 


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