The Top 11 Recommended Bronco Mods

Top Bronco Mods and Upgrades


Where are all the Bronco upgrades?

After much anticipation, Ford finally introduced its new Bronco model in 2021, taking inspiration from the original 1966 Bronco.  

Showing off decked-out models before the official launch, the 2021 Bronco debuted with a full line of dealer accessories. The Ford “Sasquatch” package includes 35″ tires, a Hoss 2.0 suspension system, Bilstein position sensitive dampers, and fender flares. The beefed up “Raptor” edition comes with 37″ Tires and Fox Live Valve 3.1 Internal Bypass Semi-Active Dampers.  

Both dealer packages dramatically increase the MSRP so, we asked ourselves, “is it possible to build a Bronco to compete with these packages?”. Thanks to the long delivery lead times for the new Bronco, many aftermarket companies were prepared with a full line of accessories as soon as they hit the market in 2021. 

Here are our top eleven picks for modifications to your 21+ Bronco:


Changing the wheels on the new Ford Bronco is one of the most dramatic and easy changes you can make. The style and type of wheel have everything to do with the purpose of the vehicle.  

Wheels for Ford Bronco

It’s common to see Method Race Wheels on the best Trophy Trucks, and you can get them for your Bronco too! The Method Race Wheels 106 beadlock wheels are perfect for those rock crawling, desert pre-running adventures but they look great anywhere your off-road vehicle can go. 

We recommend Method Race Wheels – 106 Beadlocks Bronze 17×9. 

2. BRONCO Tires

Ranging from 37″ to 40″ we’ve seen a variety of tire sizes in Bronco builds, but how do you make the best choice? Ultimately, it depends on the look you’re trying to achieve and how you intend to use your Bronco. 

Find the best tires for Broncos

Some people only want to change the look of the Bronco without altering its driving characteristics. Others may want a vehicle that can handle more extreme terrain by adding more meat on the corners. You can’t go wrong with off-road tires from Nitto for an overland trip. The aggressive tread design supplies a smooth ride regardless of the terrain. 

Comfort is guaranteed with the 35X12.50R17LT 125R Nitto Recon Grappler Tire. 

3. Off-Road Seats and Seat Covers

Let’s start by saying that the stock seats are BORING! Why not customize the stock seats to fit your style? PRP’s Front Seat Covers for the 21+ Ford Bronco bring a fresh personalized look to your interior.

These covers have been expertly crafted to fit perfectly over your factory front seats, and provide an OEM fit and finish. Grab a friend, grab a beer and make a Saturday afternoon out of it and install them yourself. Made from durable marine-grade vinyl, our top-quality Bronco covers can handle the abuse in on and off-road environments. These customizable covers are installed over your stock upholstery and are side-impact airbag compatible.  


A floor mat is a simple addition that will extend the life of your interior, so it’s a no brainer investment. Durable Weathertech Bronco mats make clean up a breeze after a long day of climbing in and out of your vehicle on muddy trails.

Best floor mats for Broncos

Weathertech’s Laser Measured FloorLiners are floor mats with specific vehicle fitment that completely line the floor of your car’s interior. 

5. Off-Road LIGHTING

Night cruises are a favorite off-road adventure outing, but when you’re out in the boonies – stock lighting just won’t do. An aftermarket off-road light mount will help you see in low-visibility situations, plus, there’s nothing that says “I am off-road ready” like a lightbar!

The Top 11 Recommended Bronco Mods

Baja Designs is the #1 choice in off-road lighting options. Find the light in even the darkest adventures with their range of light bars and light pods. 

6. Bronco Lift Kits

The first question to consider when choosing a lift kit is how much money are you willing to spend? 

the best lift kit for Bronco

There are a few budget-friendly options available, but the cost of a full Coilover system can quickly add up so it’s often best to decide what you want to achieve before you get started. Whether you’re a casual driver or primarily an off-roader, let’s look at some Bronco lift kit options: 

Strut Spacers and leveling kits  

Strut Spacers and leveling kits add a little space between your existing shocks and the body of your Bronco. These simply create space allowing you to fit larger wheels and tires. We do not recommend aggressive off-roading with this lift method. 

The Top 11 Recommended Bronco Mods

Super lift offers a 2″ strut spacer lift for under $200. In addition, they offer a 3.5-inch kit that includes all the necessary strut spacers and tubular upper control arms priced at about $600 – $800. 

Turnkey Lift Kits 

A turnkey lift kit includes everything that you’ll need to lift your Bronco in one package. This will improve the dampers and suspension for better off-road performance, while also including upper control arms, shocks, and everything else you’ll need.

Bronco Full Turnkey Lift Kit

If you’re looking for high-performance options, you’ll want to check out the Fabtech Dirt Logic 2.5 Resi kit. Dirt Logic’s remote reservoir shocks have a higher fluid volume and better damping over time which extends the life of your shocks and prevents burnout during long sessions. 

The Top 11 Recommended Bronco Mods

Fabtech’s high-angle 1″ uniball joint is also included on the tubular upper control arm. In addition, their tubular trailing arms make it easy to adjust for the 3 inches of lift while keeping the rear axle exactly where you want it. Pricing on this kit ranges between $4,600 – $5,400.  

7. Winches for Broncos

In most cases, a winch is used in order to get your 4X4 out of a stuck situation. Should your Bronco get stuck in mud or fail to handle a big rock, attaching the winch cable to something secure, like a stout tree, allows the winch to pull it out. 

off-road winches for Ford Bronco

As the Bronco has auxiliary switches for accessories, you can use an electric winch, or you can use hydraulic winches that are driven by the power steering pump.  

Warn is one of the most popular winch brands on the market. 

8. Off-Road Bumpers

A replacement bumper is one of the best options for your Bronco. If you plan to run large off-road tires, swapping out the bumper is a great way to create clearance. Additionally, aftermarket bumpers provide a variety of mounting options for lights and winches, most with spots for light bars and light pods. Aside from looking badass, they are also functional. 

The Top 11 Recommended Bronco Mods

Bronco bumpers from ADD are designed with precision and attention to detail.  

They feature a variety of different style cues, top-tier lighting selections, and comprehensive vehicle recovery options. 


Bronco’s versatility is one of its most appealing features. If Overlanding is your off-road style, you’ll want a rooftop tent. A rooftop tent takes your Overlanding adventure to the next level and who doesn’t love a night on the roof underneath the stars

off-road rooftop tent for Bronco

The Yakima Rooftop Tent for 2021 Ford Broncos is a complete RTT solution that comfortably sleeps up to two people and can deploy in a matter of minutes from the roof of your Bronco. 

10. Exhaust System

Adding an exhaust is the best way to wake up your neighbors and meet new people named Karen! You can choose from a variety of exhausts to satisfy your needs, whether you want something loud or a little milder with a nice deep drone. 

find the best exhaust system for Bronco

For those planning to take their Bronco off-road, we recommend the high-clearance Borla Climber Cat-Backs, available in Touring, S-Type, and ATAK sound levels.

11. Kinetic Recovery Ropes

Getting stuck is just sometimes part of the journey and any serious enthusiast knows that you shouldn’t be off-roading without a recovery strap kit. SpeedStrap Kinetic Recovery Ropes are the next great thing in recovery tow straps and can help any vehicle get out of a sticky situation.

The Top 11 Recommended Bronco Mods

These kinetic recovery ropes are designed so that you can get a running start with the recovery vehicle, while the rope stretches and builds up kinetic energy. Once the rope reaches it maximum stretch, it snatches back and releases that energy to pull the stuck vehicle out of the mud, sand, or snow. 


If you’re still riding on stock seats, do yourself a favor and check out what PRP Seats has to offer. Whether you’re looking for UTV seats or off-road seats, you can start by ordering color and fabric samples to perfectly match your vehicle and start showing your style today!