PRP UTV Seats Guide

PRP UTV Seats Guide

What Are The Best Seats for Your UTV or SxS?

Exploring the great outdoors in your UTV demands the right seat for maximum comfort. PRP Seats offers an array of seating options, each tailored to diverse preferences and needs.

In this comprehensive UTV Seat Guide, we’ll delve into PRP’s top-tier seat models, highlighting their unique features and benefits, while also guiding you to additional insights that will help you make an informed choice. 



Aggressive Styling and Maximum Comfort

What it Does: The XCR Suspension Seat elevates comfort on extreme trails.

Who It’s For: Designed for thrill-seekers who tackle challenging trails, the XCR seat offers exceptional support and superior cushioning.

Why It’s Special: The XCR seat, the latest addition to our UTV seat lineup, features side bolsters towards the front that provide containment when the ride gets rough. Open bolsters at the hips allow compatibility with OEM 3-point seat belts and retractable harnesses. Easy entry and exit from the vehicle are ensured by the low sides. The vinyl-coated nylon suspension liner and dual-density foam reduce impact on the body, alleviating fatigue after a long day in the dirt or dunes. The removable seat cushion enhances comfort on extended rides while allowing drainage of mud, sand, and water. The added 5th point harness slot adds versatility to your setup. 

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GT3 UTV Seat

Our Most Popular UTV seat with Maximum Comfort 

What it Does: The GT3 Suspension Seat infuses style and comfort into your ride.

Who It’s For: If you prioritize style and comfort, the GT3 seat is an ideal choice.

Why It’s Special: The GT3, now in its third generation, introduces new features such as a removable seat cushion, a 5th point harness slot, and modern styling. The seat boasts 7″ of containment and a perfect 12° seating angle, delivering comfort and support during intense off-road maneuvers. The vinyl-coated nylon suspension liner and dual-density foam mitigate the impact on the body, reducing fatigue after a day of riding. Customization is taken to new heights with added bands that allow you to personalize colors and materials. 

For more insights into choosing the perfect seat for your riding style, check out our blog, “Different Seats for Different Riders“. 


GT/S.E. UTV Seat

The #1 Selling UTV Seat of All Time

What it Does: The GT/S.E. UTV seat ignites thrills with race-inspired design.

Who It’s For: Tailored for speed enthusiasts and off-road racers, the GT/S.E seat delivers a racecar-inspired experience for high-performance adventures.

Why It’s Special: PRP’s most popular suspension seat, the GT/S.E offers 7″ of containment and a perfect seating angle for off-road excellence. Medium-level containment on the sides provides security on rough rides, while enabling easy entry and exit. The vinyl-coated nylon suspension liner and dual-density foam ensure reduced body fatigue after rigorous off-road sessions. The standard mesh drain prevents water, mud, and dirt buildup, enhancing durability and comfort. 

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A Versatile and Comfortable UTV Seat 

What it Does: Balances durability and comfort for varied adventures.

Who It’s For: Versatility defines the XC seat, making it a choice pick for both casual trail riders and dedicated weekend warriors who appreciate comfort and practicality.

Why It’s Special: The XC seat boasts side bolsters towards the front that provide containment during rough rides. Open bolsters at the hips allow easy use of OEM 3-point seat belts and retractable harnesses. Reinforced with ¾” steel tubing, both side bolsters ensure lasting support and a better hold. The vinyl-coated nylon suspension liner and dual-density foam reduce body impact, alleviating fatigue after a day in the dirt or dunes. The standard mesh drain enhances durability and comfort by preventing water, mud, and dirt buildup. 

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The Perfect UTV Seat for All of Your Daily Adventures

What it Does: The RST UTV Suspension seat  redefines your off-road experience with revolutionary comfort

Who It’s For: If uncompromising comfort is your priority, the RST seat offers a premium seating experience ideal for leisurely outdoor exploration and extended rides. 

Why It’s Special: The RST seat features lower containment, making it perfect for quick entries and exits during your UTV escapades. Its wider shoulder area and bowl section at the hips provide comfort for larger riders and those looking for a more relaxed fit. The gradually flattening sides towards the front create an extra-wide feel, enhancing comfort. The wide headrest opening and side loops secure your harness, while the multi-density foam and suspension construction ensure enduring comfort. Modern styling and added band sections allow customization of colors and materials. 

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HighBack UTV Seat

Classic Styling with Big Comfort

What it Does: The HighBack UTV seat embodies classic style and essential support for your off-road journeys.

Who It’s For: The HighBack seat seamlessly combines classic aesthetics with modern features, catering to a broad spectrum of UTV enthusiasts.

Why It’s Special: Featuring a simple and classic style, the HighBack UTV seat offers affordable yet extremely comfortable seating. Constructed with the same high-end materials as PRP’s other suspension seats, the HighBack guarantees comfort and durability during your adventures. 

As you consider your PRP UTV seat options, keep in mind your preferences, riding style, and the terrains you plan to explore. Each PRP seat model is thoughtfully designed to ensure your off-road adventures are not only comfortable but also stylish and filled with confidence.


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